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Spring Fever Spreading

Will Spring be on time for your region? Join the Conversation >> Long Range Spring Outlook


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    Have these handy! Less messy than the cream! ;)
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    Thank You I truly do appreciate it, even if this doesn't pan out the way we want it to, this is what the forum is all about. I am so happy to see the old crew and some new guys come and make this forum our new home. Not only do we track storms, but we also build relationships here some that have even lasted 10+ years. I remember when I just became a member at accu I was a young and ignorant lad. I jumped into a community in which I had no business being part of. Thanks to @jdrenken slapped some humbleness into me as I grew up and learned from the ignorant things I said. Its kind of weird knowing there's people here who you think about when there is a snowstorm outside, laughing to yourself because you know what they would say at that moment. This place is more than just a forum, this place is like our own virtual home where our virtual brothers and sisters come and talk about things we love to talk about with each other. Also a big thanks to @PlanetMaster to keeping our community alive and well and growing.
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    Lol. Classic Pard. Too good. Page topper boom! What's worse than solstice's hemroids and roid rage? 39 pinned posts at the top of every page.
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    This seemed necessary given the environment.
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    "We'll know what happens when it happens"
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    How the hell do you do that anyway? I have 5 more I want to add, very important
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    Hey guys, first post here. I am a migrant from the accuweather forums. Such good times there, learned a lot. Looking forward to interacting with everyone on this forum. This storm is so typical of the models, coming together in the long range, then losing it as the days draw near. Adds to sleepless nights. Being on Long Island, it's difficult to cash in on a lot of these storms. This is just the prototypical model mayhem in the mid-range. I am very interested in what the 144hr Ukie output is tonight. Over the years I have some bias towards the Euro and Ukmet. A part of me can't stand the GFS hehe. Anyway, happy tracking everyone!
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    In the wee hours, when the rooster crows, the crew in here is very thin. I awake at 3 a.m. most days, and when important storm on horizon, I start off with a look at the 00z suite. Usually while having first cup of coffee. Hence, I've been told I post when the roosters rise. It's a running "gag" now for a couple years. Mostly it's MJ and me and a few others who make up the Rooster crew. Yes, for snow lovers to be happy, that confluence has to move out quicker or be weaker.
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    A couple good snowstorms already has everyone ready for more it seems. Were 6 days out. Page topper boom! Did you hear of the Italian chef who died? He pasta-away
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    And folks, make sure there is no one under 18 in the thread for the next 3 hours. Soon it will be time for the FV3 XXX.
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    So anywhere from North Carolina to Nova Scotia, glad we've cleared things up tonight.
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  14. 4 points
    No way its like 1 poster and that philosopher guy from Canada in there.
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    DT is insufferable. Where's NYPANJ weather authority? They'll clear this up. 7 or 8 incorrect snow map updates And we'll be off and running...
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    Ha ha, just realized that I joined this board back on my birthday from the previous accu forums. It was a gift on my bd discovering the forum had moved to this new website Although a little bit of bitter sweet when I look back and remember I was included as the founding member of that forum back then I love this freaking place or old place or whatever you want to call it!!!!
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    Just want to say GREAT JOB with this thread you started. Along with the constant updates.
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    Well one thing I can say about the CMC is it is in line with the tracks we have been seeing right on or just inland of the coast. Something I talked about in the long range thread worrying that the track will be a wet coast and white inland for a time to come.
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    We should all move to the SE sub forum so we can correctly post and track this event
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    Uh, I agree. Those should be up there as well. "Riveting posts! A must read!"
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    @LUCC since when did you become such a pessimist living in the New Jersey snow capital of SNE?
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    I just added a good discussion of divergence/convergence and diffluence/confluence here: Feel free to ask for more information there
  25. 3 points
    The graphic below depicts the meaning of these terms quite nicely: For divergence, imagine you are driving down a one lane road and the cars ahead are moving faster than you. Thus, traffic is diverging from you. In the atmosphere upper level divergence results in upward motions that often result in precipitation whereas low level divergence often results in sinking air and fair weather. Convergence is precisely the opposite. Confluence and diffluence are somewhat more complicated because the one lane traffic analogy above doesn't work. Instead, confluence represents 2 lanes narrowing to 1 lane and vice versa for diffluence. Thus, confluence results in 2D convergence and diffluence results in 2D divergence. When applying this information to a specific storm, confluent flow means the storm is moving an increasingly confined space and vice versa for diffluent flow. In summary, diffluent flow results in broad scale divergence that is needed for intensifying storm systems. Confluence results in broad scale convergence that generally weakens storm systems.