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East Coast Rain Blues

Why cold and snow is out and wet a warm remains the theme in the East, join in the conversation.


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    After all the doom & gloom of the accuweather forum during early JAN, 2015 after a blowtorch DEC...GFS was showing MJO taking off from, ironically phase 5 that it was in at the time. Euro was showing from phase 5 to 6 & then COD. Interesting Here was JD addressing my response to another poster about it: I guess my point is models were mixed. There were many reasons for winter lovers to get upset, despair, gripe & complain. Funny looking back. Not saying anything other than that is so typical.
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    Man, this thing is pumping moisture. Been raining at a steady rate for a while now. I see a break opening up ahead, though. Winds are gonna pick up behind this system. You know what we need? .
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    After you posted this I had to check it out via GOES16. WOW!!! that is one incredible feed of moisture(in spoiler.)
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    One my way to my buddies house 7 miles away. Started with a lt drizzle at 36° and has turned over to lt snow at my house. Currently awaiting the wife picking up snacks food in grocery store half way there and it is 32° and lt snow. KBOX is calling for frozen mix, up to 1.5" of snow and couple hundreds of freezing rain through 1am. Happy New Year and be safe everyone.
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    Temperature had been at 32.2° basically throughout, creating a very wet snow, but at least it's snow. Wrapping up now. 3.5"
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    What a major SSW looks like Complete Stratospheric zonal wind reversal in addition to the Nino-enhanced STJ In addition, interestingly, there's a Stratospheric zonal wind enhancement in the mid-latitudes. I'd guess this is from the split PV dipping unusually far south, increasing the PGF in the mid-latitudes. I can't imagine any way this would be meaningful for the troposphere.
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    Lol...after reading page after page on the old accuweather forums right after initial cold JAN 1-4 models were showing warmth & everyone was cancelling winter. Also a weak SSW took place & displaced vortex in Asia & that was supposedly death to winter also. We know how it worked out. Even organic methods correlated very weakly. It was comical reading all the MJO arguments considering they were about the same now. Check put my post from JAN 2 of that month...lol This post cracked me up considering how that JAN & FEB turned out. Usual winter despair....
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    I created this thread 18 hours too early
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    36° and sleet here. Temp has been slowing rising all day and expected to hit 43 by morning and start falling. Mad River Glen's cam showing moderate snowfall at the base. Happy New Year!! Stay Safe!!!!!
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    We need the MJO to start cooperating. looping around in sector six and seven is not helpful. None of the tellies are in a good position for cold in the eastern CONUS ATM.
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    Well we can blame my wonderfull wife of almost 32 years (10 days). She bought me a 5-1 weather station and of course now the rain guage is gettting a big workout.
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    Yes. You might get spikes in the PNA due to ridging over British Columbia, but the split flow allows Pacific air to cut underneath it... mitigating the cold shots. Another thing...when Alaska is cold for a long period, the CONUS is warm. Same thing applies to Greenland. Keep track of that.
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    Major winter storm to slam into Newfoundland and stall over it, after steamrolling over Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia will likely experience heavy snow followed by rain, though the snow will be extremely wind-blown. Newfoundland will get a blizzard, but hey, they are used to it, I suppose. Here's the ICON. Look at that monster over Newfoundland. 970s. Crazy wind. Hopefully we get some Atlantic Canada members soon...
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    I wonder if there's some disagreement at the NWS regarding tomorrow's wind as this storm's front comes through...
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    Well maybe it should be. I received a letter from the mortgage company saying our surrounding area has been declared a disaster area by FEMA. Only disaster at our house is the 2018 mud apocalypse. Clearly it's for flooding in surrounding areas but we need to dry out. Urgently. Too much of anything always ends up being a pain. I'd still pick the mud over drought though.
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    Are we being trolled by the schizophrenic models again or is this finally the one?
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    I don't know how I've never seen this but here's how ENSO phases impact tornado activity. Some very clear conclusions can be made per this research. Ninos favor highest tornado activity further north, Ninas favor further south. Makes sense because Ninos have a jet stream further north. Ninos favor backloaded tornado seasons, Ninas favor frontloaded. However, Ninas appear to produce stronger/more deadly tornadoes than Ninos no matter the location. This is a moderate Nino, but how it evolves can impact this. For example, if the Nino becomes more east-based or transitions to a Nina from the west, then we may see more Nina-like characteristics. https://www.ustornadoes.com/2016/03/30/how-does-el-nino-la-nina-or-la-nada-impact-the-following-tornado-season/