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  1. PlanetMaster

    Getting Started Using IPS 4

    Its actually 25 posts per page which is optimal and cannot be changed by members.
  2. Enjoy your tracking and whacking guys and gals, tear the site up I don't give a shit. Great day for just about everyone for a change, been fun sharing it with everyone. Hope all are safe and warm, Tequilas in the kitchen cabinet if anyone is interested. heading out, night all!
  3. @Snobal already commented saying this was an unbelievable storm https://wxdisco.com/forums/topic/512-november-15-16-east-coast-snowice-storm/?do=findComment&comment=18333
  4. Just shoveled and cleaned up outside, moderate ZR falling and I fell twice on my bum. No more out doors tonight,,,
  5. Obviously I know they care thats not the issue I am speaking of. Maybe its fear to put yourself out there but we are talking peoples lives here. If I was in the NWS office and we were looking at all these maps and models that past few days, I can see the confusion. But where the hell is the common sense? The first thing I would say is Jesus Christ look at that High, its over powering so damn what the models are saying we have a situation here and need to make sure the public is informed because a computer CANNOT discern those subtleties, its left to living beings and they are robots for all intents and purposes. At the very least they didn't even put the possibility out there. And this is not because of a over performing system they have blown the forecast almost weekly this past year. How many severe flooding events from tropical moisture did we have in the late Summer that they didn't even have rain in the forecast? They blew 2 giant snow storms last March for my area. It comes down to public safety and not their damn reputations. I haven't seen a week where they got 3 days right in years so better models and charts yes, poorer analysis of those maps and charts has to be the answer then which comes down on the mets. I respect them and the tough jobs they have but they are not doing what they went to school for IMO. We had better and more thorough forecasts here by amateurs and thats a fact. You have to get Sunny days right too and then can tackle the bigger things, they fail miserable on both. I honestly don't envy the position they are in but for Christ Sake get away from the computers and look at the damn sky once in awhile. Of course I always say you cant predict the weather, you can guess but thats as good as it gets. So in that case you need to go with what you have learned about the atmosphere in school but it seems as soon as they get into the work force thats all gone and whatever the IBM says is what it will be. Unfortunately no thats not how it goes and they create a danger to peoples welfare with their poor forecasting and thats what it is all about. I got a WWA after 3 inches were already on the ground, WSW went up as the storm was in full gear already, too late and no lead time for people to get safe. They are not bad people but they are not good forecasters. Almost think @90sBlizzards was right in his complaints cause where the hell were the advisories all day until the event was underway already, that is piss poor workmanship on their part. NON of us would have jobs if we performed they way they do.
  6. And another thing is the climate is changing, thats a fact. And you cant use the same formulas or old ways anymore, you must change with the times. In the past year or two how many events have we seen world wide that are labeled as once in a lifetime or unheard of? Its a daily occurrence now cause the climate is NOT what it was just 5 years ago. Its changing and the only way to get the models to understand this is if the humans understand it first and I don't see many saying, "Its not the same, things are different in the atmosphere, we must adjust". This is just the beginning. All the different things we use today to try and guess at a forecast may not even be viable a few years from now. Things are changing fast and not for the better mind you. The weather is powerful and will get uglier each and every year IMO.
  7. Understood but hey when do you actually look at whats happening in the atmosphere instead of staring at computer screens. Many of us here were talking about the strength of that high yesterday and that there is no way we don't see frozen precip across the board. I know there are allot of different things you guys look at to make a forecast but most times its the simplest things, the main players and that High was above and beyond whatever else was on the maps. Thats was the number one ingredient and the models cannot possibly think in those terms, computers don't have those capabilities. You need the Human touch and knowledge and like I said earlier the NWS and many mets are machines now with no creative or original thoughts on how the weather and atmosphere is behaving. Its the Parrot syndrome, Polly want a cracker and tell me about the latest GFS. Not professional and not what they went to school for. The idea of weather forecasting is to be able to predict events in as much of a distance as possible to warn and inform the public. To save lives and too make people understand whats happening. NO ONE here or in NYC knew this was coming except for us nerds and thats a major fail. This is not just a bust but a huge disaster for the NWS office and they will hear it believe me cause many accidents today could have been avoided with a proper forecast. I would rather them bust low or blow the forecast than not say anything at all and put peoples lives at risk. The NWS to me personally is a joke and hasn't advanced weather prediction one iota in the past decade. They still cant get it right 24 hours out and honestly they never will cause you cannot predict the weather period.
  8. After 6 pm and still all snow here, over 5 inches so far. just wow is all I can say.
  9. My buddy has been stuck on the Sagtikos Parkway here, its about a 4 mile stretch of road connecting North shore and South shore of LI (LIE/Northern State to Southern State), hes been on it for 85 minutes and hasn't moved more than 20 feet he says. The roads are brutal and seems everyone was caught off guard. This is where the NWS fails miserably because instead of seeing the signs they base their forecasts on models exclusively. Tells me one thing, they are a non functioning organization at this time. Congestion? OMG
  10. PlanetMaster


    looks like a carnival, nice pic.
  11. PlanetMaster

    November 14-16, 2018 | MidAtl/NE | Winter Storm

    Love to see all the media from around the region guys and gals, keep them coming!
  12. Best November day ever for a surprise, 5 inches and counting. Forecast was for ZERO, thanks NWS!

  13. For WX Disco and its membership, a great start and many more years of tracking to come! 20181115_155416.mp4
  14. Closing in on 5 inches now and snowing moderately, no hint of mixing yet. We had no colors on the snow maps this morning not even the dull grey and look now... Yippee-Ki-Yay