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Spring Fever Spreading

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  1. Are you sure about those 11 hours? I just finished watching VA Tech beat Liberty on TNT to move to the sweet 16 and face Duke and I didn't see Whoopi at the game.
  2. PlanetMaster

    Nor'easter March 21-23 2019

    Open Album for media pertaining to this system.
  3. Shes on the move, SE no less, and out towards open water. Now we have to watch what transpires the rest of this morning and how that SE energy ties in. With the pressure overlay looks like trying to reintroduce itself off the Del Marva. That energy coming North is so interesting so curious to see what happens next few hours. .
  4. I would say some accumulations possible as far south as W&N CT maybe the mid Hudson Valley and NWNJ/NEPA at this time but like I said interesting things happening down south, watching and adjusting along the way. Better idea by day break perhaps?
  5. Although unlikely by me anything is possible. i am watching that piece off the Carolinas next couple hours . The outcome of this event is still in the air, I cannot tell you whats going to happen next honestly, all real time OBS and forecasting now. Organizing quickly, tight rotation due east of SC coast, very interesting where this ends up.
  6. This has to be the best storm of the year so far to track and watch evolve, its like its in slow motion.. Incredible how its just hangin' out like its waiting to blow. Bitter cold upper level trough diving down in upper Great Lakes, energy off the SE coast and a huge pinwheel not really moving, I am having a blast with this one.
  7. Post above yours^^^ Definitely nice piece of energy rotating in, curious to see how it reacts with the main circulation
  8. Been pouring sideways for a good 2 hours plus now, about 1.20" in the bucket and rising fast. Low and behold is that our bomb maker coming off the Georgia coast? Has our Nor'easter shown itself finally?
  9. I have hammer and nail ready, just waiting for the white surprise now. OBS About .60" in the bucket past few hours. Rain Fog/Mist 44°F Humidity 93% Wind E 14 G 22 mph Barometer 29.65 in (1004.1 mb) Dew 42°F (6°C) Visibility 6.00 mi Wind Chill 37°F (3°C)
  10. Pretty much just chillin'' over the Chesapeake , little loop, side step. The logier she hangs around before making her triumphant waltz up the coast, the better for those looking for some Wintry stuff. I may even see a few mood flakes from this over night Friday/Saturday.
  11. The crazy thing is the big snows aren't forecast to really get going till late Friday into and over night Friday/Saturday for most places. So one thing I think we all kind of missed that this is a very slow mover and going to stick around for a bit. A hard step on the brakes compared to whiz on by storms we saw all season, err Winter season. With it milling about and cold air seeping in, could be surprises in the cards for many. EDIT: Didn't even mention the additional Northern stream, cold, energy pin wheeling in overnight Friday and Saturday. This storm is a treat, lots going on backstage.
  12. Quote myself, NAM shows it as well, you could say a transfer of energy or a re development off shore but clearly visible on 3K Last frame still have a weak circulation inland at the site of our initial low. So a jump in the water or re invigorated system but a new low none the less coming out of this eventually IMO
  13. No they are not wrap around and initial low practically stationary right now just milling about, isn't moving anywhere fast captured and trapped...lol. I think we are starting to see secondary development off the coast, pressures are dropping with convection on the rise. I honestly feel the first low we have all been watching isn't our main storm, still think it hasn't shown itself or is just beginning to off shore. Thats why the confusion with the models, there is more than one surface feature coming from all this energetic gathering and the shift S and E on the models is picking up development off shore. Getting interesting to say the least
  14. Intense reaction to the energy influx rushing in underneath, lots of convection going on off shore.
  15. Wicked band of torrential rain and gusty winds just blew through. Was surprised by all the noise and went outside, felt like needles and darts hitting me. It was like a squall line came through, that was crazy. Radar confirms a plume of intense bands starting to roll in off the ocean, seeing convection as well. Lookout NJ, NYC, LI LHV, and CT Can you say double barrel? Almost looks like the GEM with a secondary new coastal taking over which then bombs..