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  1. Things starting to pop. Looking at that developing complex NE of Philly, looks to be Island bound.
  2. First real feel Summer day of the year, hazy, warm, and humid. My MAX temp for 2019 so far here on the coast
  3. Visible Popcorn Batch of very heavy rain heading into NNJ and lower Hudson Valley. This complex had some very strong cells earlier but has weakened although still lots of thunder, lightning and gusty winds.
  4. The first pic is foreign to me, not sure what that white stuff is, but the second pic is all right,,,
  5. Looking to get some color today, have first part of day planned working in the yard and around the house. Rained briefly with that shower but Sun is back out and the humidity took a nice tick upwards after the rain, its muggy today.
  6. Sky to my West darkened in a hurry just about to get hit by a rogue storm this morn.
  7. Beautiful day upper 60's and Sunny not much more to say other than the steaks are on the grill.
  8. Same could be said for the NE, that persistent back door trough going to ruin some peoples warm/dry expectations
  9. Another downpour, heavy for a time there now just light steady rain, Think I may code in a "Raining Again" button since it will be used so often
  10. Yeah started at around 5 pm and looked like a quick shower or two but has filled in over the area. Steady light rain, drizzle and cold all evening with almost another .20 so far in the bucket.
  11. Don't think I have ever seen the US weather as a whole this active over such a long period of time,. This is going back to last Fall and perhaps before that and no signs of letting up either.
  12. Yes absolutely right I couldn't agree more, should have para phrased with more of the long term forecasting outlook and by that I mean anything 7 days or longer. Warning systems, severe weather prediction as well as tropical system tracking has greatly improved and rightly so with the advances in technology and scientific knowledge of the atmosphere. And still that knowledge is only the tip of the meteorological iceberg as safety and lives are always at stake everyday in the world due to severe weather. So definitely have made great strides and have saved many lives but a long way to go in near term forecasting. So when near term is that difficult, long term becomes basically impossible Most advances in the science are mainly because we have better view of the globe, we can see everything up close and in high definition but even with good old satellites, which have been used since 1960 in weather, the forecasting abilities to view systems from space got started so its not new but more advanced of course. As for predicting severe weather the science is solid as it is on a tiny scale compared to a global massive system that is forever, second to second in flux. A ripple on this side of the Earth sends waves throughout, some noticeable, some not, but all effecting the overall atmospheric configuration and hence the climate. Solar winds push long waves along, the Earths magnetic fields guide jet streams around the poles, the rotation of the Earth determines a systems track, and all things we still haven't discovered that add momentum or change to our atmosphere. It is as complex a system as one can think of and it cannot be deciphered to the point of prediction on any scale. Guess what I am saying is what I always say is Its impossible to predict the weather in anything other the than the near future which has its own challenges but applaud those who try. Long term forecasts are kind of laughable to me, though knowing the magnitude of the attempt, and if by some miracle/chance it hits a certain day or week or month to me its luck and not science. You cant be incorrect 90% of the time and say you got this and no one can be blamed Mother Nature will not be contained or duplicated. I respect the men and women that earn their degrees everyday furthering the science but the computer simulations (models) will never be reliable, they cannot be programmed to understand the atmosphere and its dynamics, raw data is only a microscopic part of the answer. The unpredictability is part of the appeal to me as well, I try and fail about 90% of the time so I am average/terrible in my predictions too.
  13. Absolute joke, the NWS and their models are pure trash and predict nothing but scenarios that are beyond fantasy and not real weather. Something needs to change cause their current science is buffoonery enhanced and they are basically the laughing stock of the scientific community. Sorry to say Meteorology has become more of a pseudo science than anything else but it wasn't always this way. When they didn't have computer models to tell them what to say (The Parrot Syndrome) the forecasting was better now it is as worse than it ever has been. They cant get a 24 hour forecast right, its pathetic and sadly going backwards not forwards in forecasting science IMO.
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