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  1. Nice cool morning, still low on the humidity side. Looks like maybe the last of the "comfortable" days this week. Winds from the North today going over the SW tonight and for the rest of the week out of the South with high humidity and chance of pop ups anytime. Enjoy it!
  2. @Cignus best wishes to you and your wife, sure everything will be fine. I am adjusting to my new schedule and learning how to take better care of myself, just need to follow through, lol. See you soon
  3. This is also a test of the proposed media center for the new site so please let me know if you have issues streaming the video. if you are on a slower connection it may be easier to just download the file (1.33GB) for viewing on your device locally. It has been optimized for web streaming and encoded in HD 720p.
  4. Finally getting my climate change blog started and welcome any members joining the conversation and adding their own thoughts, ideas, and concerns. The blog is about the science of climate change and has no political non sense what so ever which is truly irrelevant to the subject matter anyway. Will be talking about Paleoclimate events in Earths past, citing dramatic climate change events on other planets in our own solar system and the overall fundamental laws of nature and the Universe. This will be pure science, my own thoughts and theories based on my research and observation over the past 45 years of loving the weather and dynamics of our atmosphere. Will also talk about extinction level events related to past climatic changes and how we could possibly see the same results, or worse, in a runaway climate event which we may already be starting to see the beginnings of in our time. More info and an overview of what I will be talking about can be read in these 4 or 5 consecutive posts that erroneously got posted in the 2019-202 Long Range Winter Outlook. Now I am talking absolute worse case scenarios there but don't let that fool you we are on a very dangerous path that could ultimately lead to similar results (hope not) The dates (years in the future) for my Winter forecast are admittedly exaggerated, and we wont have a dead planet in a hundreds years (*At least I hope not) due to the changing climate. But the threat and the urgency is real, quite dire, and honestly we just don't know as this is new and scary territory for humanity. The Blog Posted a video for those who like intense weather images and want to know more about what climate change is and what it means to us all as far as the weather is concerned to start things off.
  5. Wanted to start the blog off with a layman's terms scientific overview of what climate change is and what it means for the future of not only our planet but life on Earth. Of course some intense weather footage for those rare few here who are addicted to the weather. A National Geographic special from 2011 covering the wild weather of 2010 across the globe and how this will become more common in our changing climate. Water the giver and the taker of life with the power to change our landscape forever yearofthestorm.mp4
  6. Again I agree that the Earth is in a unique position in our solar system and what applies to other planets in different orbits, distances to the Sun, and chemical compositions would not apply directly to the Earth. And I also know of the Ice Ago result, which is pretty much the eventual stabilization of the climate, I am sure you know about the snowball Earth which most likely followed a severe climatic warming event, the greater the warming event the greater the cooling event, gotta love natures checks and balances.. Your talking, what? tens of thousands of years down the road? I don't know so who's to say the furnace has run its course, sterilized the planet and then stabilized, But there is a more dangerous element that gets very little attestation and I mentioned it briefly and will go deeper into it in the blog and that's Methane, if that gets released in the amounts they are thinking when the caps go and they will its already in the books we are talking heat that will scorch the planet and at the very least an unbreathable atmosphere, we would need to live underground or wear breathing apparatus, sounds crazy. Nature has no limits or boundaries and we really don't know what the results can be, its all new to humans. Will now end the hijack of this thread and apologies to those posting 3 months from now. I would be very grateful if you commented and added your thoughts on the blog, which I said I am looking for time meanwhile I posted enough here for about 3 blog entries lol I am posting a video from National Geographic today to start it off to give members a purely scientific view of what climate change is and means to our weather/planet from 2011 called "Year of the Storm" Amazingly the thoughts they had just 8 years ago, which were dire then, have accelerated much worse in that short time Appreciate the chat @weather_boy2010
  7. Well I was on point about tracking beyond 48 hours, the cone has changed dramatically day to day meaning "We really have no idea but this is our best guess at this time". Don't think i have ever seen a projected path cone swing 1000's of miles East and West day to day. They are usually pretty consistent. There is absolutely NO meaningful steering in the atmosphere.
  8. Of course its 100% natural and has been happening on every planet in our universe for over 14 billion years that we think we know of? Climate change has no ties or anything to do with politics, last time I checked mother nature wasn't/isn't a liar or a thief and that's the basis for politics so I don't even go there. It is the most important issue of our time and it is treated like its a choice, those who believe it is happening will see the extremes and those who don't believe.think its a whitewash to spread fear wont see any extremes...Fools! As far as CO2 and our so called part in all this, well guess what water vapor is a more potent green house gas and is 1,000,000,000 times more available than CO2. With the already warming we have experienced over the past few decades a unstoppable force has been triggered. More water in the atmosphere is more powerful and dangerous than any other gas (Methane is bad too and that will be released once the caps melt putting the icing on the cake and making the Earth a 300 degree F in the Sun planet pretty much extinguishing all life on the surface) and it is in runaway effect now building in the atmosphere at levels that are unbelievable and rising each and everyday. The energy our Oceans hold cannot even be calculated. You hear about super novas, gamma ray bursts and Super massive black holes and the incredible unfathomable energies they release. Well those energies, maybe not to that extreme, reside here on Earth as well. The Earth can be a hellish place just like Venus but we are fortunate to be in a stable period of our planet. There is no law or rule that says this will continue (Enter Interstellar: We were not meant to save this planet we were meant to leave it). I am not trying to scare people or be a doomsday preacher I am talking about the laws of nature and the truth of our universe, this is how it is and most people don't now one iota of how things work out there and if you did you probably would be scared to death as I am. We take for granted our gentle climate, which even in today's so -called extreme climate is as gentle as a 2 week old kitten. You havent seen nothing yet, imagine Hurricanes 12 months a year, 300 MPH winds and the size of the US Not possible? Better check out some of the planets in our own solar system. I love to study pre historic climate events and have done extensive research, let me tell you people have no idea what is coming, this is not a case where it will be a little hotter or wetter here and drier there, this is a game charger. No matter how resilient life is on this planet and has the unique ability to adjust to its environment the natural world cannot adjust at the rates the change is happening and we see it all over the world, coral reefs dying because of the warmer water, plant and animal life disappearing at alarming rates because of the changes in climate. Its not about dealing with big storms or flooding rains more frequently, which is a part in the short term, but its about extinctions. The domino effect, You cant have ecosystems destroyed all over the world and keep natural order, this is a devastating event that is now accelerating and people are either blind to it or want to think its a political chess piece, they can go to hell because in 100 years (maybe less) there may be no governments or life as we know it now. Its no exaggeration its a logical response to past events and how the Universe works, build, destroy, renew, that's what its all about and sadly 4 or 5, I don't know, generations from now may be the last to remember via historic documents what once was. So I am going to put my ideas and thoughts out there from what I have learned, observed, researched and also what climate events have happened on other planets in our own solar system its all connected. Earth is just a small part of the whole, and what goes around comes around in the natural world all over our Universe, it is all interconnected. One needs to expand ones mind and realize the age we live in now is as stable as it gets, the chaos can be unfathomable and is more common than anything stable. Stable is actually uncommon and rare in our Universe so this is scary as hell to me cause I know the possible consequences that events like these can bring. We always hear about anomalies in the weather and they are expected and common in any natural system, its another example of the strangely ordered chaos that's defines our Universe. So yes there can be a total 180 in the weather because of these unexpected anomalies. But the overall path is towards the warmer and wetter scenario here on the East coast. And the funny or sad thing is when these anomalies occur people use them as an excuse to say "What climate change?" they believe they are smart but in reality they lack intelligence cause they don't understand or even care to learn about how the natural world works, there will always be the odd out of place event that goes totally against what is expected, nature at its best. But make no mistake those cold/snowy oddities will be the far outlier and in time will also become a thing of the past. So I will start my climate blog and give the members here a different and perhaps eye opening take on what climate change can be, an extinction level event. I just need to find the time now. If there are people who love space and the study of the Universe you will love this blog, just the truth not the political BS. And I am a tremendous snow lover too and it sad to see the snowy Winters wane more and more each and every year,
  9. Sadly the way the whole accu weather thing went down, many didn't get the word of this site and then it just went offline. I am sure many were lost when they couldn't find the accu forums and probably had/have no clue or idea that many members moved here, But the few we have can keep this forum active and hopefully people from the Canadian regions will find it it on Google and join in . Start small and grow, that's all we can ask.
  10. Had a vision of how the Winter will go for the East coast. Let me share. Models will show between 20 and 25 HECS in the long range, 15 of those will disappear completely, 5 will turn out to be cutters 2 or 3 days before the storm hits, 3 will turn out to be mostly big rain storms, some snow well inland and higher elevations and if we are lucky one decent storm will pan out albeit not a 50 inch HECS. There will be some early cold and we will all get pumped up for a wild Winter but that will pass rather quickly and the majority of the Winter will be mild, mostly rain storms especially at the coast Maybe one or two very cold shots, but nothing sustained, maybe 4-5 days? A week stretching it? But dry cause everything will be suppressed south, cant overcome those huge domes of Arctic High pressure when they decide to visit, Sadly not sure how much longer we will see them, they will become rarer and less impressive overall in the upcoming decades Then in March, seasonal lag will be at its peak, marginal Winter settles in and we wont be able to get rid of it, people will complain and beg for Spring by this time. @MaineJay will get his 200+ inches of snow People in the mid Atlantic will throw in the towel mid January 2020 perhaps sooner? By 2035 (yes only 15 years!) Winter will be nothing more than a fond memory for those who lived it in the Mid Atlantic. @Snobal will be forever pessimistic and quote his buddy as a prophet Met fans will be preparing for another disastrous Spring Crankyweatherguy will be complaining and mouthing off at all the meteos online and how they don't know anything and just hype stuff for followers, and of course when he is wrong he will never admit it but make excuses. That's it in a nutshell, no models, no Nina/Ninos no MJOs needed and I guarantee my vision will have a higher accuracy percentage than anything the NWS will spit out. Why? High atmospheric southern ridge is a permanent feature now over the East and it is not going anywhere thanks to the changing climate that is our curse in the East, tropical and wet. Everything else has very little impact compared to that ridge which is the main player IMO, has been past few years now and will continue to be in the decades to come and get only more dominant. Times are a changing, rapidly now, we are heading towards a world of weather extremes that cannot be comprehended with the current science but is not new by any means. There are prehistoric climate events this planet has seen that cannot even be believed and they can happen again and will. The old forecast ways are becoming obsolete you just don't know it yet. BTW. in the short term (10 -20 years), this is a positive for those that love snow in the West, Plains/Midwest and even Ohio Valley/Great lakes, more snow for them as we saw this past Winter, that will only become more pronounced as the years progress until the cold no longer visits and the central US becomes a desert. Time to look at an evolving climate as fact and not hodge podge, its happening right in front of our eyes and still people cant see it. A rise in temperature of say 1 degree overall doesn't mean it will be one degree warmer each day it is measured exponentially and the more it rises the more extreme conditions become, 20, 50, even 100 times more extreme. We are well on our way now and contrary to some belief that it can be reversed by man, lol to even think! Mother Nature will wipe the planet clean and start again. Its is no longer a matter of 50 or 100 years from now which people have been telling themselves for the past 2 decades it is runaway train and runaway trains just speed up with nothing to stop them,. Nature has its foot on the accelerator and there is squat we can do about it sad to say.
  11. Wow read the accounts, what a storm and no warnings were ever relayed to the public Around 7:30 pm (local time here on), local forecasters from the National Weather Service (NWS) received their first alert that storms were approaching the area from the northwest. At 7:45 pm, the NWS informed the emergency broadcast system that an upgrade to a tornado warning was expected. This warning, however, was never issued. At Edgewater Beach, just west of downtown Cleveland where Independence Day festivities were in full swing, warnings were never relayed to the local public. According to a local account by Shirley Amster, a severe storm warning was issued and relayed by the Cleveland radio stations around 7:50 pm local time just before the derecho impacted the Lake Erie coastline but was not relayed over the marine channels. At the Edgewater Yacht Club around 20,000 people had gathered to watch the fireworks. While police at the park had received the weather alert, it was not broadcasted over the P.A. because “they didn’t want the audience to panic.” Around 8 pm, right as holiday festivities were beginning in earnest all along the lakefront. Widespread winds wracked the entirety of the lakeshore, with a boater near Toledo recording a gust of 104 mph, and gusts of 100 mph reported in Cleveland. The derecho continued its southeastern track reaching the Akron area between 9 pm and 10 pm and eventually into the Pittsburgh area between 10 pm and 11 pm. After 11 pm the derecho began to dissipate and the strongest winds along the leading edge ceased. However, the danger was far from over as a stationary frontal boundary persisted. As a result of the wind damages, thousands of trees were uprooted and thrown, buildings and homes were damaged and destroyed, and boats were flipped and capsized, drowning 4 people in the process while also causing 100 others to need rescuing by the Coast Guard. People waiting outside for fireworks were offered a much different show than anticipated as rain, wind, and lightning ripped apart outdoor venues and caused mass power outages. One of the hardest hit areas was Toledo where the winds knocked down 5,000 trees and damaged several homes, leaving 75,000 homes without electricity. Who are the idiots that make these decisions? "Don't panic the crowd just let them die". Sad thing is these morons are still around today making the same idiotic decisions, Will we ever learn?
  12. 400 AM CDT / 0900 UTC ADVISORY - Barry Maintaining Strength ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LOCATION...29.1N 91.8W ABOUT 55 MI...90 KM SW OF MORGAN CITY LOUISIANA ABOUT 165 MI...260 KM W OF THE MOUTH OF THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER MAXIMUM SUSTAINED WINDS...65 MPH...100 KM/H PRESENT MOVEMENT...WNW OR 300 DEGREES AT 5 MPH...7 KM/H MINIMUM CENTRAL PRESSURE...993 MB...29.33 INCHES Source 3 hour loop, Louisiana coast just starting starting to feel the effects of that deep convection., Barry making a last ditch effort to get better organized and strengthen into a hurricane, before landfall (Recorded loop on video [8.93MB], 180 frames, animated gif would be way too big [56.32MB]) Rec 07-13-19_001.mp4
  13. Masochist One of those rare mid Summer ultra comfortable nights, shaping up to be one of the best weekends of the Summer, enjoy it everyone. And of course: Let's go Mets! (I suffer from the same affliction)
  14. Sunrise Deep convection diminishing in a few hours time, wonder what that's all about? Have to say Barry is one ugly looking tropical system.
  15. Could be, will check it again next advisory. Might be from the thinking a couple days ago which was much slower with this system , things have sped up over the past 24/36 hours.
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