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US Major Winter Storm

Big snow maker to cross country into this weekend, join the conversation!


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  1. Yes this particular storm so to speak is something to track indeed but I will not be starting a thread for Atlantic Canada until 50 hours to zero point time. For now my concern rate now is that the Euro is progressively as it would seem tracking further north bit by bit per run, and both the GFS model runs seem to show unrealistic snowfall though sleet is included. I tend to abstractly view this storm as something that East Coast snowfall lovers are going to end up disappointed as I think there a probability that we are going to end up 10-18 degree temperatures and too far south to get even get into the heavy rain bands where temperatures are cooler. For now for my own area it is a snow to freezing rain and back to snow situation as per Euro with potentially 20-40 cm my estimation for now. Note on the FV3 run within this time frame on this exact date agrees with me.
  2. Sneezy

    Winter 2018-2019

    Maps and Article
  3. Sneezy

    Winter 2018-2019 | Outlooks and Discussion

    Perhaps if you wish to join into the conversation either next Tuesday or Wednesday Dr. Juden Cohen is a guest speaker on a live youtube broadcast on the Joe Cioffi show where you can post questions that can be directed to him. Normal broadcast time so to say is relative to the normal 7 pm eastern slot though subject to change on a whim.
  4. Sneezy

    January 1-3, 2019 | Major Winter Storm

    It was a non storm rain or snow we hardly received anything from it. Though I think at least the,temperature ended up much cooler allowing us to report 1 cm of snow cover. But overall this winter is blend, but unlike our southern neighbors we have the cold but not the snow to show for it as everything has tracked north which tend to give mild and rainy or in this case a lot of drizzle. The current trends do show some promise for at least something bigger for once that at least covers most of the maritimes including inland Nova Scotia. So if something gets within say 50 hours then maybe it ought to get posted.
  5. Sneezy

    Winter 2018-2019

    It does seem a bit slow on the Canadian boards; (except for the upcoming snow storm for the maritimes which will go to waste with double digit warmth in the rain storm to follow which will for yet again give the same old Christmas Scrooge Pattern that has been recurring for the past 18 years) regarding the current pattern as being very depressing for snow lovers. We can surely hope so that there is a pattern change, but even if we do get it there's a potential for a cold and nothing but sun to go with it. This includes my geographic location in the maritimes.
  6. Sneezy

    White Christmas?

    That EPO is strongly positive, and the PNA is going negative in the current forecast near Christmas :
  7. Sneezy

    White Christmas?

    Last year we had 2 cm snow on the ground at 8 am in the morning, and we still had been counted as a green Christmas which in my opinion that strictly 7 am rule is stupid. This year based on what I am seeing, and to what I do have access to and know where to go even if we have the cold our best opportunity is through sea effect in my opinion. Sea effect is the only reason why we had seasonal snowfall last year otherwise we would have suffered from a somewhat snow drought like the rest of Nova Scotia .I think though it's going to be seasonal on Christmas this year with a few spits of snow either on the 24th or 25th with no snow on the ground because the mild air would have just left the building as they say.
  8. Sneezy

    December 8-10, 2018 | Winter Storm

    Outside of the box taking a look through the Canadian threads how many do you see from Atlantic Canada on this board? If I focused on my region in Canada I would be writing ghost threads as the vast majority of the people from Canada are from southern Ontario which leaves me only to post in the Long Range threads to which is my concentration in terms of the weather range for that category do reside (Canadian threads). Until I see more Atlantic Canadians this is the closest as geographically speaking if you remove administration the maritimes are in the same weather and geographic region of New England. So there is no agenda so to speak but if you would like to go into history and know my political stance that is another topic.
  9. Sneezy

    December 8-10, 2018 | Winter Storm

    Both GFS models show a big miss for the east coast. As for the weekly Precipitation to compare: So as we can see the outlook is very dim if you really wish for the storm to hit and generate snow. However it is better to miss then hit if the alternative is warm and rainy.
  10. Sneezy

    Winter 2018-2019

    Here's the very last output of the CFS forecast for the entire month of December: Below normal maritimes, mild great lakes, hot Prairies, and mild BC. Not a good outlook for snow lovers. From the Weather Network: Pattern Reversal
  11. Sneezy

    December 8-10, 2018 | Winter Storm

    Already above normal with almost if not exceeding by now a foot of snow. My preference is for a white Christmas, and since 2000 we have had nothing but rain storms. For a change mother nature ought to give something white.
  12. Sneezy

    December 8-10, 2018 | Winter Storm

    I live in south eastern Canada where we actually do have a snowmobiling season. So we do typically go through long periods of cold temperatures well below 32 degrees. And in old Virginia your winter snows tend to be our Spring snows.
  13. Sneezy

    December 8-10, 2018 | Winter Storm

    To be honest with you I would rather miss out on this storm if we were going directly under a warm (it is not just a mild) Pacific air pattern rate after the fact which means only to lose it immediately. So it is better to have a snow storm when the long term temperatures support it.
  14. Sneezy

    December 8-10, 2018 | Winter Storm

    I think this early in the game with these trends that if you have snow on the maps now your are going to get rain by the time of this event, and if you are cold and dry on this map you are going to get the heavy snow or it all goes out to sea. So there is nothing to cheer about for those areas this early in the game,except when reality hits dopamine will crash hard when there is realization of rejection.
  15. Sneezy

    Winter 2018-2019

    Environment Canada's Official Forecast for the next three months is out: Source As you can see looks as if most of the country is looking to be near normal with the exception of the north eastern portions of Canada down in North and Central New Brunswick which is trending below normal. The Pacific shore of BC up through Yukon and western NWT trending above normal and the Tri Counties of Nova Scotia trending mild as well. Not the forecast David Phillips was trying to promote earlier on his predictions. As for Precipitation: Source I am surprised to see that while most other meteorologists are predicting a very active season in the maritimes that EC would show below normal precipitation primarily over Prince Edward Island. Southern Ontario looks like to have a normal season, so panic button until the results have been completed this winter.