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  1. What time would you say this will start for the golden horseshoe area? CMC and GFS seem to have it around 10 am - noon hour and the NAM 12 km has it starting around 7 am?
  2. When I left my house around 10:20 pm in Stoney Creek it was a very light snow with 1-2 cm on the ground, so much for being in the bulls eye. When I approached burlington street on the qew it picked up a fair bit, and at Northshore in Burlington it's a lot heavier, guessing it's where the current lake enhancement is? Edit: Maybe 10 cm down, roads are messy.
  3. Looks like my area is in the sweet spot for this one (stoney creek near grimsby and winona), i'll update on snow totals when all is said and done.
  4. Assuming we get freezing rain as projected in the models, what category do you think areas will fall under in this chart for this event? Wind is a big factor too, what do you guys think? I'm personally thinking Ice Damage Index 1 since winds seem to be around 20-25 km/h with 10 mm accretion? Still not great, I'm no expert though so wondering what other peoples opinions are.
  5. heres hoping its not in any of our areas....i hate freezing rain.
  6. Just wondering if you guys think the system around thursday presents a serious freezing rain risk?
  7. Insane totals here too, 60 cm seems likely 😮 most ive seen was 73 cm from the valentines day storm maybe 13 years ago....this is top 3 i can recall.
  8. Sorry to hear snowgeek, i just saw the latest weather network update, looks like snow tapers off around 8 or 9 am, the guy was also saying 40 cm reported in hamilton at this point, i can definitely believe it. He also mentioned the heavier snow for Toronto should be moving in soon, so fingers crossed.
  9. its the system...theres lake effect mixed into it, stoney creek is really heavy now, 2-3 cm/hr is my guess, probably 35 cm has fallen at this point (also a guess.)
  10. Just finishing shoveling / snow blowing the driveway, one if the biggest storms i've seen in a long while, impossible to measure with the drifts over 2 feet, but can say it was a lot, wind is probably around 60 km/h and snow is steady still, really cold out there as well.
  11. @HamiltonWx I was pouring myself a cup of coffee and noticed it really intensify here in stoney creek, i cant believe we might get 50 cm from this epic storm. Latest photo, those drifts are easily 30 cm or more.
  12. Just wow at totals so far!
  13. beautiful picture hamiltonwx, like a winter wonderland out there
  14. How much of the storm have we had yet? Crazy snow totals already in stoney creek, hope everyone else is doing well in their totals :)
  15. And exactly 1 hr from the last image....really impressive snow fall in the stoney creek area.
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