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  1. Look, I get that you really want snow, but so do I, and many others on the forum. I could say something like "I need this to come 25 miles north" right now, but I don't because it doesn't really add to anything and we don't need everyone reading the thread to tell everyone reading the thread where they "need" the storm. Just let the weather happen and try to enjoy the ride.
  2. I had the same thought. Gonna attempt to get some pictures. I'm sure I'll look like Rick's avatar by the end of it
  3. Nazareth, PA at 18° right now. While the threat of power loss up here is still on the mind, it doesn't keep us from recognizing how uniquely beautiful the aftermath is. Photos in spoiler tag to not clutter the page.
  4. 30° now in Nazareth, PA. Wind picking up for the past hour or so. Limbs down in the back yard. No precip at the moment. EDIT: And 10 minutes later, we have flurries. Some pictures of the decent amount of freezing rain we got:
  5. I'm in the Lehigh Valley, PA. For a bit there I was getting frustrated with the recent trends of less snow. Now I'm just kind of getting excited about the uncertainty of the situation and looking forward to watching it all unfold. I'm all prepared for a potentially awful icing event. Still hopeful to just see some fun weather tomorrow and Sunday and learn some things from this whole thing. I feel like the longer I've followed these boards and its many wise and hilarious members, the easier its gotten to shake off those "disappointing" weather developments and just roll with the inevitable changes that come day to day, model run to run, observation to observation. This mindset will serve many well. Thanks for all of the input from everyone, as always! Looking forward to continuing to follow this system until it's done its thing.
  6. Right, sorry if my post made it seem like I thought you were part of the bashing bandwagon, that wasn't my intent. On topic: What an incredible over-performer this storm was. I'll never forget it from the drive home alone, that's for sure. I got a time lapse of it happening outside of my house, however it didn't turn out that great. It was my first time doing a time lapse and I found I'll need to tweak some of the settings... should be good to go for our next big one! I'll be sure to upload it here. Thanks again @PlanetMaster for giving the community a place to land. Makes me so happy to see most of the Accu members participating in this thread. And what storm to start our first winter on here!
  7. Yeah, the roads in the Lehigh Valley were just a disaster last night. Took me 2.5 hours to get home when it was usually a 20 minute drive. Many more had it much worse than I did. I was frustrated. That whole catastrophe just seemed to be a clusterfudge of bad calls, including somewhere along the line in PennDot. Don't think I've ever seen anything like it, nor have I driven in worse conditions. On the NWS bashing in this thread... I agree that it was just so excessive. While I absolutely agree that there should have been more warnings, and those warnings posted quicker, I simply don't know what it's like to be a Met, let alone a NWS Met. It must be incredibly challenging to make calls, especially during storms like this. I think we should be able to express our frustration with the NWS's calls of course, however last night it was just incessant bashing. It just kept going and going and going, at one point I was looking for an ignore function. That continuous bashing is just uncalled for, abrasive, and pushes away an important part of this community. As always, thanks to all of the regulars who do such an incredible job analyzing, sifting through data and sharing their opinions about the weather.
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