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Moshe from brooklyn

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  1. I'll take ec, e5, and e11 please for $200.
  2. Just shy of 5" here in Edison. Biggest storm of season. Hoping for another storm.
  3. 12:30am measurments just above 4" coming down moderately. 32 degrees. Biggest storm of the season so it's already a win for me!
  4. At first I was getting nervous about the dreaded rain snow line, but it's still to my south doing the hokey pokey. Hope it stays away.
  5. It did not last long. Back to moderate snow now.
  6. Have around 3"+ . Coming down at a moderate level. Finally went down to 32 degrees. Ratios are not that great here at the moment.
  7. Still 33 degrees and I'm hearing a lot of pinging out there.
  8. Just measured a drop more then 2" here in Edison. We did not go below 33 degrees yet. Does not feel that cold out. snow is slowly slipping off the car windows.
  9. What is causing a hole in the middle of Jersey? Can it spread?
  10. 33 degrees. Snow has picked up in last half hour. Sticking to all surfaces. Have over an inch already. Loving it!
  11. 37 degrees mix bag falling. Going to be fun.
  12. Flurries have started here in Edison nj with 39 degrees.
  13. 42 in Edison. Go to sleep and wake up in 8 hours.
  14. Yup notice that and temps feel cooler a bit as well. Once storm gets cranking any rain will quickly change over. Have seen this too many times. Dont let current temps fool you!
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