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  1. StretchCT

    November 19-22, 2018 | Turkey Day

    I love a parade! (Can't believe there is no gif out there from that vacation scene). No, I'd go to the Macy's parade if it didn't require getting up at 3am, fighting crowds, wasn't 27°.
  2. StretchCT

    November 19-22, 2018 | Turkey Day

    GFS and Euro
  3. StretchCT

    November 19-22, 2018 | Turkey Day

    Upton AFD mentions an inch or two. Man is it gonna be cold on Thanksgiving. Another year I can use it as an excuse not to go into the parade! Forecast high of 27. I promised my wife we'd see it, but only if the temps were 60+ and no rain!
  4. StretchCT

    December 1-3, 2018 | Winter Storm Potential

    GFS 0z and 6z at least showing a storm
  5. StretchCT

    December 1-3, 2018 | Winter Storm Potential

    FV3 is quiet
  6. StretchCT

    December 1-3, 2018 | Winter Storm Potential

    0z EPS not showing much today for this time frame. It does develop a low in the GOM but shears it out, or something...
  7. StretchCT

    December 1-3, 2018 | Winter Storm Potential

    Trying to be responsible. It’s like two weeks out. But yes, it’s ludicrous for areas like EPA, Catskills, HV, ADK, VT, NH, most of ME. Really all of New England except SE MA, RI and SE CT. LI is left out too.
  8. StretchCT

    Wrong way Lenny

    Just saw this article on my Accu pro site and thought it was interesting. It predates my interest in cyclones, but had it happened recently it would be pretty exciting. Here is a snippet and if you are interested, there is a free link. https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/mid-november-marks-anniversary-of-wrong-way-lenny-in-the-atlantic/70006652
  9. StretchCT

    December 1-3, 2018 | Winter Storm Potential

    Closer look at the NE with the EPS and 850 temps
  10. StretchCT

    December 1-3, 2018 | Winter Storm Potential

    EPS is on it. I cut frames out down south in case you wonder why it moves so fast.
  11. Rather than clobber this thread with images, I posted all the snow maps I had from the 0z run on 11-14 in a blog 11-15 storm results. Also put up a poll as to which model did the best, only including models that were remotely close. Personal opinion is that Euro blew everyone away from that far out. The differences between 10:1, Kuchera and Cobb weren't that great, but I'd give it to the 10:1. I'll bump this later in the day for those who didn't see it.
  12. StretchCT

    11-15 storm

    Results from the storm are preliminary and Maine may be off a bit since its still snowing lightly there today. We are using the NOHRSC interactive snow map which tallies up the snow reports and bases a map off of them. Lets start with the Euro - not too much variation in the three methods. Cobb had the least in NJ, CT, NYC and LI. Next the CMC Then the FV3 NAM 12k NAM 3k I'm not even posting the GFS other than the 10:1 as it was atrocious. Every other version was less.
  13. Signature is in the Account Settings. Go up to your name on the upper right side, click and go into Account Settings, signature.
  14. Good catch, though in looking back at the April 2 storm, doesn't seem to match that one either. Wondering if they forgot to change the date.