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Spring Fever Spreading

Will Spring be on time for your region? Join the Conversation >> Long Range Spring Outlook


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  1. Water vapor - system 4 coming in
  2. Okemo cam
  3. -6 mb pressure drops over Maine from 13z to 15z
  4. Seems to be winding down. Sun is peaking through. Temp is back up to 38
  5. This should make you feel worse.
  6. 850 and 925s - just gotta get the surface temps down a little. Still appears to be all snow here, though tiny wet flakes, and not many. Might be drizzle mixed in.
  7. Snowing - doesn't seem mixed but probably is Temp down to 36.5
  8. By the way, sleet is ice pellets. Freezing rain is rain that falls as liquid and freezes. Usually need a temp around 32 for that.
  9. Yes. Sleet! What would it be to have a storm without sleet. 38 too
  10. A 34 mph wind. And you can see where the low is, and this station is 996mb
  11. Snow/precip on the backside is either enhanced by or because of the upper system coming through?
  12. Son has the computer I was using to do the loops with. Seems the pressure drop let off slightly since I left.