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  1. Tropical storm warnings now extend as far inland as Alexandria. I guess this is the first time I've been under one since maybe Isaac in 2012.
  2. The official NHC track would bring Barry a bit to my east (tracking 20-30 miles east of Alexandria) which would probably mean not a huge of an impact for me. But I wouldn't be too surprised if it shifts west a bit. Interesting that most of the ensemble tracks of the GFS are well to the west of the deterministic. https://ruc.noaa.gov/hfip/tceps/tceps.php?stm=16E.2018&dtg=2018082812
  3. Damage on the Louisiana Tech campus in Ruston, which is the college I went to. The system was quite a bit stronger than I was anticipating. SPC had lowered the risk to marginal for the overnight hours last night.
  4. Saw where Reed Timmer posted this theory on why Louisiana often misses out. Saturday's convective outlook verification. EF3+ tornadoes in central LA seem pretty rare, though we do get a fair number of weaker tornadoes. Going by TornadoHistoryProject.com, the last time anything stronger than F2 hit my parish (Rapides) was 1981.
  5. Yep, looks like another under-performing event for Louisiana. Did have a fairly intense looking supercell nearby this afternoon while I was at work, which prompted a tornado warning.
  6. Tornado threat here Saturday definitely looks concerning. Though from what I've seen, Louisiana severe threats often seem to underachieve. Hoping that's the case this time.
  7. SPC upgraded to enhanced risk today; mainly due to damaging wind threat. Tornado threat looks low. Already up to 80F here at noon.
  8. Chilly here for the end of March/start of April. Just 48F at noon. Wouldn't even be surprised to see patchy frost tomorrow night. A more active pattern may be starting later this week and warmer temps. SPC showing severe risk here for Thursday. It's been a while since I've been under a severe warning. I think the last time might have been January 19. Just one day with thunder the entire month of March and not much rain.
  9. The past three southern severe events pretty much missed my area. I don't think I've had any warnings nearby since January 19. Starting to look like we may get some action Wednesday. SPC's 4-8 day outlook. GFS showing a strong line in Louisiana Wednesday evening.
  10. It's looking like the severe threat early next week may be further north compared to this past Wed/Thurs outbreak. Looks centered over the Mid-South on Monday and North Georgia to the Mid-Atlantic on Tuesday. Then yet another round probable Thurs next week.
  11. A tornado tracked not too far from where I live Wednesday night! Intense lightning as the supercell came through and strong wind, but not much damage around my house other than some fallen limbs. NWS is rating this tornado an EF-2. An EF-1 struck Alexandria in April of last year.
  12. On Thursday, the flash flood threat is greatest along the central Gulf Coast states, as well as into portions of the Ohio Valley and lower Great Lakes, shifting eastward into the Northeast on Friday as this portion of the front begins lifting northward as a warm front. Across the central Gulf Coast states, severe weather with the main threats being tornadoes and damaging winds, will also be possible and SPC has this region within a slight risk on Thursday.
  13. Slight risk issued for Wednesday by SPC. It's been pretty quiet here lately severe weather-wise. Last watch for my location was April 13. NAM for early Thursday morning.
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