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  1. Yeah don't want to crack the 60" snow mark now. Although if this verifies will be historically rare snow event this late for the area. Also the fact we could get hit twice in April by heavy snow is amazing. Between 7-8" fell 2 weeks ago.
  2. Possible late season significant snow looking more likely for Chicago area.
  3. I'm hoping if I don't start a thread it wont happen.
  4. Here we go again....attention calling Chicagosnow your wanted... the winter of 2018-19 may not be over yet
  5. Never lost power. However had to scrap snow off the dish.
  6. 6.0" Wild bookend winter storms to finish season. November and now April
  7. Somewhere between Eastern Iowa and Chicago may see a narrow strip of 1-3". Maybe more as you head NE into lower MI
  8. That map is nonsense. Weve had virtually nothing at ORD since Feb.18th. The FV3 needs to be scrapped
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