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  1. I thought that a Fall 2019 thread would of been opened by now. But I will be the one to create the Fall 2019 thread. Fall is my second favorite season, while winter is my favorite season. Once September arrives, I will be looking forward to the Fall season. 😀
  2. It has already been a warm or hot summer. I’m not really looking forward to this upcoming heat wave.
  3. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I have always wanted to experience some summer snow believe it or not. It would be a heck of an experience.
  4. Do you think that the El Niño will still form and the influence the Winter of 2019-2020?
  5. The first storm cell has died out before it reached my town. There was still some lightning with that storm cell. The second storm cell looks like that it will miss my town to the north.
  6. Wow!!! I didn't think that I would be tracking a snowstorm in May! 😂
  7. I wish that this storm system happened about 3 to 5 months ago instead of today. It would of been an easy 6+ incher for me. 😂
  8. I cannot believe that some of you guys are seeing snow this late! I actually wish that I could experience some late-April snow also.
  9. This would of been a snowstorm for some parts of the coast if this happened during the Winter.
  10. I got thunderstorms from this event around 4:00 am in the morning. It woke me up from my sleep!
  11. The winter of 2018-2019, along with the winter of 2011-2012 are two winters that I will not be missing at all, due to the lack of snow for my area. I am glad that the winter of 2018-2019 has since been shoved into its grave.
  12. The sun is out. And it is warm outside. It is a Spring day for me today!
  13. Wow! The winters that I experience are wimpy compared to the winters in Maine.
  14. What is your average snowfall for a winter season by the way? My average is only somewhere between 25 and 30 inches.
  15. Are some parts on Maine on their way to having the snowiest season on record? It looks like it to me. 😂
  16. This nor'easter looks amazing on the satellite images. I didn't get any precipitation from this storm though.
  17. I have noticed that the GFS has been hinting the Greenland block or -NAO happening during April. Though I wish that the -NAO happened in December, January, or February instead. 😂
  18. Definitely felt more like early Spring than Winter in my area today. It is also windy out there right now! But still, I kind of wish that I could of got some snow from this storm system. If I don’t get snow from the next upcoming frontal passage system, then I most likely won’t be seeing snow again until November.
  19. Wow!!!!! I wish that I could get some snow from this storm since I haven't had much snow this winter.
  20. I'm a little late here but I have experienced my first thunderstorm of the season last Friday!
  21. It was warm yesterday and right now for me. I had to take my coat off. I also had a little bit of rain overnight.
  22. Wow!!!!! I wish that we can get blizzards this powerful on the east coast.
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