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  1. Taken at about 7pm so wouldn't be surprised if these cars were almost covered by now, especially with those storm force winds.
  2. Some clips in midtown Toronto from this afternoon around 2-2:30pm . 86C71B9A-3F47-49E1-9C56-5C1D13F584B8.mov 628F8C7D-7526-4338-AFD7-C14CD37A85E8.mov 8522F947-39EC-4C56-8423-190C0E5F7292.mov 5867047D-8B53-47B1-B894-2954F058D88C.mov 6342F9B2-02BD-4EA5-8B42-3F690369E6F4.mov 04BD3DA4-4C03-4FF1-A871-00721C4939B8.mov 286A0444-1058-41CD-BB8F-24DAA74AB279.mov 6B6C3F5E-EBAE-4C59-A8F0-85615E7646F0.mov
  3. It's near blizzard conditions in Toronto. Winds picked up, downtown traffic is a total disaster and the roads are completely snow covered with no ploughs or salt. Already 7cm I'd say. The southeast flow off the lake is being LIFTED over the mesoscale front. Pretty intense and unusual for Toronto! Stay tuned -Weather X
  4. Been getting moderate snow for the past 1.5hr in Toronto since the L.Effect band moved in. Visibility is quite reduced and theres a few fresh cm on the roads. It will soon be enveloped by the main system and continue to enhance accum rates. Temps have also been nice and low so ratios are superb right now (15:1) conservatively.
  5. Wow 5cm down in the Hammer already, thats pretty impressive! I can definitely attest to snarled traffic. Down at King St. all you hear are car horns. Up here around Davisville everything is coated nicely sticking on all the branches and tress. I'd estimate we're closing in on 2cm accumulation.
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