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  1. We got plastered in Boston. Easy 12-18 inches.
  2. It’s absolutely pukage dumping here in Boston, insane rates, probably at 5 inches already.
  3. Pretty insane how the cold never left in the Boston area. We had about 6 inches of heavy wet snow then 1-2 inches of sleet and freezing rain on top. Everything is a frozen solid chunk of ice now that it's 8 degrees.
  4. Here in Boston we had snow, then sleet and freezing rain, now sleet, and temps are getting colder. The wash out scenario did not come true. The cold air won here.
  5. Yep. Looks like we just changed over to sleet and freezing rain.
  6. Dumping snow in Boston, 1-2 inches per hour, we have about 6 inches
  7. The cold air is battling but we'll see how far that rain/snow line gets. So far all snow in Boston. Roughly 2 inches.
  8. this storm is frustrating...still time for colder surprises, but doesn't look great.
  9. Light snow has begun in Boston. Seems to be ocean effect snow from the CAD.
  10. Remember the Nam model is typically the one that stages a coup. When all the globals say “warm” or “big snow” and the NAM says “cold” or “big ice” you better watch out. The NAM isn’t always right but you need to give it more weight.
  11. We have about 4-5 inches here in Boston @ Harvard Business School FYI - I'm a philly native here for school.
  12. Puking snow here in Boston. We have about 2 inches already.
  13. I'm currently in Boston awaiting the snow. Looks like my hometown in Upper Darby, PA (Border of West Philadelphia) has 3-4 inches already.
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