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  1. Thumping now in Millington, NJ, Morris County. Starting to stick to the pavement.
  2. Didn't get the rain here IMBY of Morris County. All snow, just not sticking yet to the pavement.
  3. Well, there is always this... lol https://www.snowathome.com/our_products/SG7_Snowmaking_Package.php
  4. Well I guess this is my after photo, doesn't look much different than my before photo on page 49. Started out as flakes but quickly to all sleet. 27 degrees out and still can't get the snow. Damn you winter!!!!
  5. First flakes starting to fall, here is the before picture. Hopefully the after picture is much different.
  6. Woke up this morning here in Morris County, NJ to a call saying schools been cancelled. Not a single flake has fallen, I guess it is on it's way. I feel like waking the kids and messing with them saying the storm disappeared and school is on for today, lol.
  7. Super Wolf Blood Moon to blame. Peeks at 12:12 am.
  8. 34 degrees outside, DP is 27, winds 7 NE. Snowing good now, everything is all WHITE for now.
  9. Very fine flakes falling now in my area, nothing accumulating.
  10. Lots of Gulf Moisture getting ready to become NJ ice
  11. Current OBS in southern Morris Co, NJ: Cloudy and a not so cold 33 degrees. Just waiting on my rain to come and freeze, ugh..... So much for our first winter storm of 2019. Good luck to the rest of you though! Going to home brew a Belgian Tripple to cheer me up.
  12. Mt. Holly updated us in northern NJ to a winter storm warning.
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