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  1. Williamsport, MD closing in on 5 inches. 28 degrees with heavy snow. Reports of thunder earlier.
  2. Amateur winter weather watcher here with an observation/questions for those of you with far more knowledge of this stuff: I see on the radar return an area of rain in eastern NC. Is this the formation of a coastal low? My NWS forecast discussion doesn't mention anything about a coastal low. Will it become a player on the field and influence the forecast or is it just a spectator on the sideline?
  3. Same here in Williamsport, MD. NWS just increased snow totals; tonight 1-3 inches, tomorrow 2-4. In addition to the snow, the storm will throw in the rain, freezing rain and sleet, just for good measure.
  4. 30 degrees, light to moderate snow in Williamsport, MD. Expecting all forms of precip here in the next 36 hours.
  5. Interesting write-up from NWS Sterling office. A few highlights: 1) possible that someone gets 6 inches in northern Maryland. 2) quarter inch of ice or more for western Maryland is possible but could also be possible places east and south. 3) Possible for Monday night's storm to become a warning level event. Definitely looks like a lot of uncertainty. Forecasters and those responsible for school closings and delays appear to have a challenging 48 hours ahead of them.
  6. Thanks for posting this. I enjoy looking at these comparisons. I marvel how the winter season can often lock on to a certain pattern. 2015, Boston received over 100 inches and this year, 2.3 to date, crazy! The other one that jumps out at me is Binghamton with 60.4 so far. I know we have several folks in here from that area who could vouch for that, but I never would have guessed they have had so much. And Scranton, 60 miles to the south with only 23.3. Who knows what's in store for all of us in the next few weeks, but try to enjoy the ride everyone. If lack of snow is the biggest problem in our lives, we are truly blessed!
  7. Been there many times, frustrating. At one point last winter places like Myrtle Beach had more snow than my neck of the woods. Then, on the first day of spring we had 13 inches on the ground. The weather is crazy sometimes.
  8. Turned out to be a beautiful winter day here in Williamsport, MD. Light snow all day, just over 3 inches of powder, 18 degrees and calm right now. A fun snow to shovel, a little crunch under your feet when you walk too, quiet in my neighborhood. For those who missed out (again), I'm pulling for you this winter. Hang in there, it will hopefully happen for you.
  9. Wait, what, no snow for them? Funny MDBR! Salisbury MD averages 5 inches of snow annually and Wilmington Delaware averages 13 inches, so rain should never be a surprise. I love the folks on the Eastern Shore who love snow, but missing out on it is really your thing, own it my friends! May I suggest heading north. I'm sure Mike in Altmar NY can point you in the right direction.
  10. That's some "rain-train" flowing up from the GOM. Not what many of you all need on top of hard snowpack. If only we could get the cold air and moisture feed to play nice and work together.
  11. Single digit lows yesterday even for us below the Mason-Dixon Line here in Maryland and now I see it's colder in Monroe, Louisiana than it is in Buffalo, NY. What the....! Melting snow and ice flowing through gutters and downspouts ahead of possible heavy rain tonight. The weather never ceases to amaze me...even if I don't like it.
  12. A "for what it's worth" observation from the Hagerstown Maryland area. This morning on my way to work I saw 4 utility bucket trucks with North Carolina plates heading north on 81. If I read into this then maybe that means the ice won't be so bad in my area since they weren't exiting the interstate. Good news possibly for me, but maybe not so good news for those of you in PA and beyond. Goid luck everyone. Hope you get the snow you have been missing out on. I'll take some front end snow washed away by rain over ice any day of the week.
  13. So I'll need a shovel AND a rake? Ha ha! This is something you don't often see.
  14. 6.5 on paved surface, 7.0 on grass in Williamsport MD at 2:30.
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