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  1. Anyone know about central Chester county PA. They have dropped us down to 40% chance of thunderstorms.
  2. I'm in West caln township PA btw. Same thing it just missed me.
  3. Second punch has just hit our county over near Parksburg, pa not a crazy amount but some lightning more wind and rain.
  4. First round done. Second weak with no lightning via lightningmaps.org Idk what will happen next most likely just lots of rain. VID_20190415_021747.mp4 VID_20190415_022000.mp4 VID_20190415_022617.mp4
  5. I'm about to stay up to 3am to see out this storm. I can't believe Mount Holly hasn't said anything thing for Western Chester county PA. I wonder what is stopping them. I have a watch in Lancaster county 2 miles from me.
  6. Snow totals up on NWS Mount Holly https://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=NWS&product=PNS&issuedby=PHI
  7. 4.5" Honey Brook, PA it under performed by the NWS standards but AccuWeather was right on for this one. No schools are closed because of the March sun angle.
  8. Good night, sitting at 3.5" here and starting to dry slot West of here near Lancaster.
  9. Yes I use the radar scope app, redish colors mean the same precip, yellowish green means different precip rain, freezing rain, sleet.
  10. It changed to sleet for me over in the Lancaster county/Chester county line. Suprisingly for me it went back to snow 15min ago. Don't let your hopes down!
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