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  1. Sirens just went off for the storm down around Warsaw, KY.
  2. Power has been out for about 90 minutes here. This has been a ferocious little rainstorm...about 2 inches in the last 4 hours.
  3. Just heard sirens go off in Boone County. It is a nasty looking cell for sure....you can tell there's hail in there. Kind of has that aqua blue look going on.
  4. Quite a bit of thunder and lightning in the last 15 minutes. Winds were a bit gusty...heavy downpour...nothing too crazy, but definitely priming the area for the flood event.
  5. The person taking measurements in Erie PA last year must have moved down here or something.
  6. Just getting crushed by this band for the last hour...very nice.
  7. Yes sir...that would be the upset of the decade for us down here. Going to be a nowcast here...will be watching short-terms for the deform band on Sat. night.
  8. Wow...8.7...and reported 5.9 today alone. That is hard to believe. With compaction, I could maybe see a 5-5.5 in. storm total. I was pretty close to the airport for a lot of the day today, and there was no noticeable difference between there, and what we got in Independence, and I'd say we may have struggled our way up to 4.5. There was a winter 2 or 3 years ago, when the airport was rather generous on their amounts with some smaller storms. Oh well, I guess it's no biggie, but just pretty surprising.
  9. Looks like the NAM and Fv3 sniffed out the farther north trend, and the warming just south of the river here. We've creeped above freezing...just seeing plain rain/drizzle. Maybe things will cool down later, especially under heavier returns.
  10. Looks like it's going to be a good day for IL & IN, with that band setting up right along 74. Down this way...I'm afraid this may be a nail biter for us, with the band that swings through later on.
  11. Is any winter storm even close to being as anomalous and extraordinary as this one? Obviously, there have been deeper storms ('78 Cleveland Superbomb, '93 Superstorm, and so on), but those were types of storms that actually do happen, they just happened to be incredibly strong versions of those types of storms. This beast though, I can't even begin to think of anything like it.
  12. Even cutting the NAM ice totals in half, paints a pretty ugly picture. Very interesting storm...winter weather advisories all the way to the Louisiana border.
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