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  1. Round one done and my rarely filled retention pond is up to our stomachs. My boyfriend walked about 2 steps in until it got up to his knees/top of his Muck boots and let me take this picture. This was not fun to drive in at all!!! I wonder how much rain we have gotten so far.
  2. From around 3:20 pm. Had a tornado warning and there was allegedly a tornado a mile down the road from my house. Nonstop thunder and lightning since then.
  3. Just woke up and thought, hmmm I hope someone made a thread on this!
  4. This will be a fun one to watch..
  5. Continuous lightning and thunder here for the last 20-30 minutes ?
  6. Well hey, my duck loves this weather so I guess that's all that matters.
  7. the jealousy is real... lol i'm dying for open window season! i just got over the flu and want to get it outta this house!!
  8. Pretty heavy snow here, it looks so beautiful out. Wish I knew how much we have but this cold/flu is really kickin my butt. 😅 Yet ANOTHER page topper wowza
  9. Flurries just started here in Emmaus
  10. At this point, I will take any snow without the dreaded sleet/freezing rain. Hey this is my FIRST page topper, lol hi ☃️
  11. Woke up at 1:55 am due to the winds, we still have power but we’re right about 20 mph. Hoping all the squirrels stay in their nests and don’t fall out 😣
  12. My power goes out the second it starts to get windy.... this shall be fun.
  13. Here are some duck duck prints in this sweet snow, almost at 3 inches in Emmaus 😁
  14. Random flurries here and there in Emmaus 🤷🏻‍♀️
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