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  1. Wow .. that’s some doozy of a coastal storm .. NOAA has hurricane force conditions mentioned and up to 24 foot waves!
  2. From what I remember reading in these forums the FV3 is suppose to replace the regular GFS on March 20th .. let’s see if it starts out accurate or is an embarrassment like its drunk cousin lol
  3. One model shows 3 feet in Allentown and zero in Virginia Beach ... another model shows 3 feet in Virginia Beach and zero in Allentown ? 🙄😳🤪 throw all the models out and wait until it’s outside your window I say .. but with. Late March sun angle in Virgina beach I’m thinking that may be the wrong solution but I seen crazier events happen lol
  4. Energy running around on the GFS FV3 just need that low placement more offshore to deliver the goods for many
  5. CMC showing something in this timeframe too .. big convection off of Hatteras .. is that potentially spawning a Low transfer to coast in that image ? Interesting.
  6. A little snippet from Sterling weather office in regards to this potential
  7. 1060 KYW news radio CBS3 Philly said chance of snow Friday .. mix in city and snow north and west .. Temps seem cold enough around here
  8. First I’d like to congratulate all the snowlovers that been starved and or ripped off this winter in the Long Island and southern New England .. New Jersey and NYC areas that cashed in finally now onto observations here .. started as snow around 130pm but white rained on me for about 2 hours then it snowed heavy .. had 4” then turned to sleet for about an hour and then back to snow capped off by 2 more inches so with overnight mixing and the wet texture of the snow I can only guesstimate about 6” around here .. forecast was 5-8” so it verified
  9. I just read this post and went and turned on back deck light and yes!!! It’s snowing here again too ! Maybe just a brief hiccup as the line is meandering small pulses north and south or cold be the Low bombing offshore drawing in colder dynamics to the storm
  10. Intersection of route 10 and route 30 about 2 miles south of there between Atglen and Parkesburg ... they said the sleet line was moving north and It got to me
  11. Just turned over to all sleet I can hear it pinging on the windows .. looked outside and it’s not snowing .. too bad .. it was looking promising and this wasn’t forecast for my area .. up north still looks good for big snows
  12. Yeah it’s heavy snow down here as well ... just measured 3.75” to just under 4” Holly updated and says additional 3-6” and warning goes to 7am
  13. I took a pic when this snow started laying back on page 72 and you’ll get the answer lol
  14. Same here ! Good to hear positive trends (its a 2015 F250 SD) typically a Chevy guy but couldn’t pass up the great deal I got lol back on topic ... the radar looks robust and it’s a large plume of precip heading north .. too bad there’s no blocking to slow it down or it would be 1-2 feet
  15. Do you have access to zoomed in version?
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