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  1. Nova just got a dusting then mix. Roads look clear grass has a crust. Maybe extreme northwest of Loudoun got something
  2. ah not this broad claim again. Snowing in early march is different than snowing in late march. Snowing at night is different the snowing at day. Snowing in new england is different then snowing in southern mid Atlantic.
  3. Seems to be clearing out towards the west. Would love to just stay dry the rest of the way.
  4. I am assuming the slow down in rates helped it. But it just picked back up and now we are back to all snow out west
  5. yep, but going to get difficult to keep measuring. full on mix now in Loudoun.
  6. Kind of weird, the radar returns didnt seem overall impressive but I picked up an 1 in roughly 45 mins.
  7. Just want to push back 4 inches, CWG seemed to go all in with NAM 0Z guidance last night and lowered totals out west.
  8. Almost 2 inches near dulles airport. Intense banding, sitting at 1 per hour right now.
  9. It was decent for the last storm we had down in VA. But I really haven't tracked its success rate. Heres a little excerpt from them, "Users who will benefit most from using these new data are those for whom a detailed forecast of surface temperatures and winds is important. Especially during the change of seasons and in wintertime when rapid changes in temperature and winds cause phase transitions of precipitation (freezing rain to snow to rain for example)"
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