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  1. June 2009 did have some noteworthy periods of sun around here: June 3-5, 12-16, 21-24, and 26-27, but yes it was completely dreary on the other days.
  2. The coldest June since 1992 is nearly a lock at this point in rural Southern Ontario stations, even if there is the fluke 28 C day late in the month. At one point, it looked like we might see highs around 25 C to 26 C between June 21 and 24, but as always been the case this spring, the projected highs drop by several degrees as we get closer to the dates. It's beyond frustrating for people like myself who enjoy summer heat during the warmest parts of the year. As for precipitation and cloud cover, it might actually end up on roughly the same level as 2018 and 2017: Near to slightly above normal precipitation with near to slightly below normal sunshine.
  3. Summer daytime highs certainly haven't trended as hot as they did before the 60s IMBY. Warmest it got in the 00s here was 98 F on Aug. 8, 2001. Roughly the same temperature was reached on July 21, 2011. 90s was 94 F on June 18, 1994. 80s was 99 F on July 7, 1988. 70s was 96 F on Aug. 28, 1973. 60s was 94 F on July 2, 1966. 50s was 100 F on July 21 and Aug. 1, 1955. 40s was 102 F on Aug. 25, 1948.
  4. At least in 2009, the worst of the cold wasn't centered in the Great Lakes, unlike this year.
  5. Plus, every time my area looks like it will warm up, the projected highs drop as we get closer to the date. For example, before it looked like 25 C (77 F) was possible on Tuesday and Friday. Now 70 F to 72 F looks more likely. Normal high is around 75 F at this time of year here. It seems like in the past nine months, forecasters almost always get it wrong when they predict warmth, but always get it right when they predict cold.
  6. The SE ridge has been much stronger this year, which explains why we've been cool and wet and not cool and dry. June 2009 had more of a Central U.S. ridge. Heck, even the extreme Southern Ohio Valley into West Virginia averaged slightly above normal that month. It blew my mind when I first learned that considering how cool it was up here.
  7. IMBY, it's been very similar to 2009 both temperature and sunshine-wise. June 2009 had that one warm, sunny week near the end though, which I am skeptical we will get this year. 2009 had a much nicer spring as well. Close to normal temps and overall much warmer than this year. April 2009 was wet, yes, but a lot of it came in several days of heavy downpours (Not repeated daily risks of rainfall), and there was far more sun than April 2019.
  8. What is strange about this month though is that although it has been around 2 C below normal so far, it has almost consistently been like that. It's not the usual 4 C above normal days offset by 8 C below normal days. In the first half of June IMBY, four or five days failed to reach the 20 C mark, which is actually quite normal for June. It's just day after day of 20 C to 23 C with no real warmth.
  9. Cleveland hasn't been as chilly relative to normal this April-June period, so I wouldn't be surprised if they see some really hot days while Detroit into the 401 corridor in Southern Ontario misses out.
  10. Unfortunately, the second half doesn't look as sunny so far, but at this point, my biggest complaint this month is the lack of warmth.
  11. Except for 2016-17's weak La Nina where most of North America had an insanely warm February and Alaska was actually insanely cold in March, but even March 2017 was slightly below normal IMBY.
  12. http://epawaweather.com/long-range-outlook/ I am so incredibly skeptical of what this 16-20 day outlook shows for the Great Lakes.
  13. This same pattern approaching the mid-point of meteorological summer. Lovely.
  14. IMBY, my June high probably won't hit 80 F for the first time since 1982.
  15. There was a funnel cloud near the 401 just south of Guelph this afternoon. Here in Oakville had a couple of rumbles of thunder, but that was it.
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