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  1. Today is clearly a weak link in what has otherwise been a solid summer month. Around 20 C, overcast, and unsettled here right now.
  2. August has been the best month for sunshine in the Great Lakes since probably May or July 2018, at least IMBY.
  3. In particular, it is noteworthy that today (Aug. 13) was expected to be around 23 C most of the past week but we reached the high 20s instead. The chill will occur tomorrow and Thursday instead before we warm up again by the weekend. Also, the weekends have been especially great in the past couple of months other than a couple of unsettled ones in July.
  4. Up here, August so far looks way less humid than July, similar to 2013. Before anyone argues with me, I mean IMBY it has had similarities to 2013, not globally or nationally.
  5. The July 31-Aug. 5 stretch was probably the best stretch of sunny weather we've had in 2019 so far, so I guess we are due for a brief break.
  6. Other than this coming Tuesday, the first 10 days of August look to have way above normal sunshine.
  7. November 2018 was the most overcast month since December 2014 in the GTA. Combine that with the coldest November in 22 years. Doesn't get much worse than that.
  8. https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/accuweathers-2019-us-fall-forecast/70008922?fbclid=IwAR1TtJFNTpui5EUduvhdIx7NvqnSh9gdi40emGLsda3vQqFt6wnjm5Sq3rM Accuwx's Fall 2019 outlook. Although I will obviously take it with a grain of salt, it can't really be much worse than last year's October-November in the Toronto area where we were cold and overcast almost non-stop.
  9. Sort of off topic, but Aug. 14, 2003 was the day of the blackout. Also a very hot one at least up here. High 80s and quite humid.
  10. Unless if the East sees a polar vortex. Even then though, an August PV wouldn't correlate to snow and below freezing temperatures.
  11. It would be highly unusual to see cold SST anomalies that widespread.
  12. That projected early August cooldown seems to be getting less and less potent as we get closer to the dates. Examples: What looked like 24 C before on Aug. 1 could now be 27 C. 22 C was expected at one point around Aug. 6 but now we could reach 30 C. The exact opposite situation as we had pretty much all spring.
  13. This is simply payback for having the opposite situation all spring.
  14. Yes. The more serious chill in August 2009 was to our west.
  15. Let's see for MBY: 1990: Slightly warm fall here. 1993: Very cold fall. 2003: Started off slightly cool but warmed up later. 2014: Average at first before cold November. Very mixed-bag results although no super warm falls. I personally think the fall will likely depend on whether the ENSO tries to warm or cool or not. What happened last year was that the ENSO took a really long time to warm in the summer but warmed pretty fast in the fall which resulted in a hot summer/chilly fall. If the ENSO does not warm as much this year, I would expect at least a somewhat warmer fall than last year.
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