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  1. Maybe not out to sea? EURO taking a jump towards the coast. Maybe we can get in on some "bomb cyclone" action even if its rain along the coast!
  2. Blah blah blah....are we at this again? .....Winter is over with till I see it.
  3. Definately ended up with nothing to enjoy.....bust. Winter's over for a good chunk of DE.
  4. Temp catching up with radar. Its gonna get good here in central DE!
  5. The radar in the Delmarva region is so wrong!!!
  6. So is this what happens when you pay less attention to a storm..... you get walloped?.....
  7. Well not sure this was supposed to happen, but its snowing before 4pm in Smyrna, DE 37F.
  8. I'm right in line with you brother.....I just cant buy it. It looks like Mt Holly went even futher south with amounts for us. Cant wait to see this one pan out if it does.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong but this storm looks like one for folks that honestly have had a dismal winter compared to their averages?
  10. Honestly i feel the HRRR has the right look for the start of the storm, based on the temps people are stating.
  11. These are always my favorite storms. Watching Mt Holly come in with numbers over what Im thinking, leaving professional hope. Then i sit and watch the models in the next 12 hours grow stronger and further NW. This time Ill be too far south. Rainstorm. Perfect.
  12. Must be some snow thats gonna develop under banding and evaporative cooling?
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