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  1. So far at least to me. It hasn't been to hot of a summer. Not many 90 degree days at all and we're already I. Mid June. Hoping for a cool summer throughout :)
  2. I had so much rain that the cover on my boat ripped from the water weight and I had to use a shop vac to vacuum all the water out lol
  3. Looking like a warm pattern for east. Just hope it's not a 95-100 temp pattern. Not fun welding in 100 degree heat lol
  4. Although I do want dry weather I don't want scorching heat lol a happy medium would be nice
  5. Hmm wonder how many models agree with this lol looks like 95 where I live on this model lol
  6. Sunny day today and partly cloudy on Wednesday but then more rain by Friday. Just a wet pattern for early may
  7. So far no rain at all IMBY in sparrows point MD, but it's just to my west on radar
  8. Lol or Chris Davis hitting 🤣 Nice pinwheel off the coast!!!!
  9. Storm woulda been a bit more interesting I January. With cold air woulda been fun
  10. It's mostly sunny here and warm in sparrows point MD 😊
  11. Although it did rain and I had a little wind. I had virtually no severe weather at all. And today it's sunny
  12. Had major wind gusts here during the storms. Lost power fir a few minutes. And lost a couple chairs off my deck lol.
  13. Looks impressive considering g the time of year. Could be very interesting for northern new England and Maine 😊
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