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US Wild Weather

Extreme active pattern across the entire US continues, what does it mean for your region? Join the conversion


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  1. 18Z NAM at 84hrs. Showing precipitation reaching central virginia!! It's Nam at 84 hrs so take it with a grain of salt 😉
  2. Yeah. But remember bro... we still got 6 weeks of winter left. March is always interesting ;)
  3. I agree. Not usually but I've seen models call for a major coastal storm 7 days out only to have it flip and be a cutter up thru Michigan. So yeah its rare to flip that bad but it has happened lol
  4. Yeah it has a rain snow mix here. But that's 7 days out I'm sure that will change too. These complex systems usually can't be nailed down till a day before 😊
  5. Lol the way the models areally always flip flopping..... if u hug the models this is what u will be like...😂😂...
  6. Agreed. It's still 90+ hours out. They never show amounts 4 days or more out
  7. I think it kinda separates as the storm going up apps dies out and the regeneration off the coast takes over. Happens sometimes with Miller B's
  8. Yep a very complex system. They really won't be able to really nail any specificsdown for a couple more days. Probably not till Tuesday morning with this system
  9. Snobal hasn't been saying negative things lately.lol Yeah I figured a couple inches then a mix to rain for most . Very complex system. All depends on where those 850's set up :)
  10. Looks like some front end snows for most. Weird how there is a straight gap of none thru central pa. Weird lol
  11. I'm in central Maryland and even I will see some front end snows
  12. Why? Most will see some snow. And depending on where you live some will see alot!!
  13. I think it will have a bigger front end snow. But it will be a change over type system. And even then it really depends on location and where the 850 temps stay below freezing. In my opinion it is still 90+ hours out and too early to pinpoint Temps at this time.
  14. Wow who would thought Seattle got more snow than denver!! Definitely a weird winter lol