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  1. This will be the 3rd wind event in as many weeks here. Annoying as all get out.
  2. Very light dusting of snow IMBY. Short transition over to FRZ now just plain rain. A real non-event here.
  3. Maybe some nuisance dustings.....which is good if you own an auto body shop...which I don't.
  4. Careful when you're driving. I came from the other side of Bedford and there are some limbs / branches down in the road. I think this one was right on the edge of being a whole lot worse.
  5. We have quite a few things to keep an eye on! I hope everyone cashes in!
  6. Watch this thing end up somewhere in the middle..........
  7. I would say if this lasts too much longer here on the OH/MI border then things are about to get real. We had a power blink enough to knock out the alarm clocks but it's currently on. The way to work was dodging some downed smaller limbs but I did happen to see a large branch come off of an Oak tree just the other side of my street over my neighbor's house. Sounded like someone lost a shed!
  8. Please do if there's something to see! We could use some excitement around here.
  9. I wonder if some of those will also be issued to the East.
  10. HWO From DTX: .DAYS TWO THROUGH SEVEN...Tuesday through Sunday It appears increasingly likely that light freezing rain will impact parts of the area late Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. Although most of southern MI may see this freezing rain, the heaviest precipitation looks to be confined to area along and south of the I-94 corridor. While some uncertainty remains, it appears that around a tenth of an inch of ice accumulation will be possible for locations south of I-69, and between one to two tenths south of the I-94 corridor. A second round of light freezing rain will be possible Wednesday night into Thursday. I detest ice storms.......although this wouldn't be full-fledged ice-mageddon, .2 is more than plenty for hazardous driving conditions.
  11. I'm not gonna lie, I'm looking forward to this February thaw. Our streets have looked like mirrors ever since that last storm on Monday that gave us an inch or 2 then the rain on top, then the flash freeze and the snow getting flattened to smooth icy finish.... then the polar plunge. Kids haven't had school for a week because of the side roads. No way buses could get around. Neighbor kids have been skating in the street and the ice is so think they're doing power stops kicking up snow spray.
  12. Current conditions in the 43623 are -9 degrees and -35 for the wind chill reading........
  13. Look like time to grill and play cornhole on Sunday.
  14. You're right. The only other time I can think of was after the BO78.
  15. Schools in my neck of the woods closed today and will not have classes again.....until Friday! Never saw that before.....
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