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  1. The SREF needs trashed, am hearing NCEP admitted its over amplification issues and replaced it with the HREF.
  2. Considering how much the 850 and 200 factors into the overall MJO I can see where this may be correct.
  3. https://ncics.org/portfolio/monitor/mjo/RMM/
  4. MJO showing in phase 7 for the 1/3-5 period.
  5. This 1/3-5 period potential is oh so close. That is a nice closed off 500, now only if that northern stream piece can dig some more and phase, we could be in business. Now we wait for these pieces to get into good sampling range. Is it possible to squeeze a decent east coast snow event in phase 6?
  6. My local radar has some snow getting close to my part of central PA.
  7. Watch that flat wave dig a little over the next day or so. When the GFS shows a system this flat, to me it is a sign to watch for strengthening.
  8. I had a reading of 66° on my cars external thermometer on my way home from Mount Holly to Silver Spring Township, Cumberland county yesterday around 1:30 pm.
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