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  1. Sun just started poking out here in Northern Ky.
  2. Kinda gives you an idea of the snow whipping around here in Fairfield Twp.
  3. That looks like it crushes Butler County. I'm good with that! Could happen, no.....?
  4. I remember that day quite well, March 8th, 2008, my wedding day, well it was supposed to be but mother nature had other plans. 😒 But what a snow that was!
  5. That Butler County cut off though. Eeekkkk!
  6. Solid 8- 9" in Fairfield Twp. And that's after some melt from yesterday afternoon. Best snow we've had since March 8th 2008. And the best packing snow I can ever remember.
  7. I don't understand all the technical jargon but I do enjoy seeing all the winter updates and snow maps. All just to get my hopes crushed with the results. : /

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