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  1. Everything is awesome, when your heading to the southeast! I love this look.
  2. So do I have to worry about being in Birmingham Alabama during this time frame. Very heavy precipitation signal there.. I’m not very good at looking for tornadic signatures
  3. Srefs show 4 inches snow for BDL. But 2 mean for qpf. A lot of qpf plops at 2.5 inches liquid. My call in the Farmington valley based on the nam is 6-10 inches of sleet and snow. I seem to recall something similar in the last couple years. Not sure you’ll ever measure 10 inches total from packing down but I bet I’ll clear 4 inches of snow than 4-6 more of sleet after it changes
  4. I’ve already moved on. But it’s hard to unsee the other models
  5. My daughter just said pink and purple are her favorite colors. She may think differently after hearing the sound of cracking trees and loud shaking house after a tree hits it.
  6. Anyone know why the ukmet is not on tropical tidbits?
  7. Yeah I noticed this, 998 at hour 84 vs nam 1009 at 84 on the 12z
  8. Holy Icon absolutely thumping and raging over SNE. Low jumps back south at 120 and looks like it’s not close to being done
  9. I’m assuming that it’s still raging at this point.
  10. Following the little Canadian clipper on the 0z nam. It seems to be our first piece to the puzzle in dislodging some much colder air
  11. So I’m in Hartford county CT, Kutchera says minimal snow. ZR says none... 4-4.5 qpf of sleet equals 12-13.5 inches of sleet. That would be a record for me... good thing it’s only one run.
  12. January of 1998. Upstate NY as well. The north country was obliterated. I remember driving through on a bus going to a hockey game in Potsdam. Every tree was snapped in half or weighted down to the ground.
  13. Yeah I’m not sure I want to be under the 4-4.5 qpf area, if it’s coming down as rain.....I had thoughts about a month ago that this seems like the season for an epic ice storm....
  14. 113. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that on a fantasy snowmap. That’s 10 feet of snow with 5-6 feet of snow for a good chunk of Maine. Ooooooof And that’s the Euro. Doesn’t the gfs usually have a dryer bias... I know it’s crazy far out, but if it continues I’m curious to the output of a nam or Euro if the dynamics were to stay exactly the same, which they won’t. 🤪
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