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  1. Kita Girl you can’t trust the TWC low temp. That has proven wrong in the last couple of storms in Feb when we were 30-31 while snow was accumulating and I’m next door to you in LMT.
  2. Depends on what part of 95 you are referring to. Still slightly SE of Philly and Trenton.
  3. Two things: 1). There is a high coming in from the NW. Not in the perfect position but better than nothing. Bernie dicusses this in his video. 2) March temps?!?! Granted temps temps near freezing but most of the precipitation is falling after dark so we don’t have a sun angle issue. Also the EURO is SE from its run at this time yesterday. This may come into play in later forecasts. I give Bernie credit for honing in on the EURO energy piece but there is a possibility that the EURO caves to other guidance in subsequent runs.
  4. Good morning! 2” here in Lower Makefield Twp, Bucks Co, PA.
  5. Agree LUCC, we are going to be mowing mud once the grass cutting season starts.
  6. After about 2 inches of snow and sleet we have switched to liquid in Newtown Bucks County. Temp is 30 so freezing on contact is a concern.
  7. Weird storm. Was raining when I got to the office here in Newtown, Pa, now snow and sleet falling again. Slowly gravitating toward snow.
  8. I’m getting the feeling this front end thump has a little more punch to it than previously thought. Area of moderate snow moving into Montgomery and Bucks counties in PA.
  9. Doesn’t look too bad 2” to 3” for Trenton if that verifies.
  10. Surface track must be further south. Was expecting temps to be around 50 this am in Lower Bucks County and it’s only 37 here. Window for that to happen is closing quickly.
  11. Does anyone recall the January 1994 ice storm that paralyzed the 95 corridor from Philly to NYC? Can we correlate any similarities to the setup for this storm?
  12. I’m really confused. TWC has my high of 47 on Sun but NWS says 32.
  13. And Mercer and NW Burlington in NJ
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