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The Amish Weatherman

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    Gordonville PA


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    Weather, Volunteer Firefighting, and Woodworking.
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    Any day and every day! I love all types of weather but prefer variety and powerful weather

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  1. Steady light snow here now. Temp 32F , Dew Point 25
  2. Just saw the first flakes here. Just flurries at the moment.
  3. Isn't that pretty much what we have heard about Every. Single. Model. at some point today. I'm not using anything verbatim just try to spot differences and the causes.
  4. 18Z HRRR at Hour 27 is either significantly slower or further south than the 12Z NAM. I am not experienced enough to determine which.
  5. Ha Ha Funny you should post that. I do some Software work on the side as well as some IT and social media for the Volunteer Fire Company I run with. Inevitably when somebody finds out that I am amish this video ends up in my inbox.
  6. "Business Reasons" My job requires it and this is generally accepted in our area. This varies greatly from one district to another.
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