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  1. Another sleeper storm lol I’ll just hint at less than 1cm and last minute BAM surprise lol
  2. Bust! The gfs lives up to its name... gave us a good for 💩 storm! Lol
  3. What’s Guelph looking like? 10-15cm
  4. So..... we’re guaranteed at least 1 cm right? Lol
  5. Great.... 2 rainstorms in a week🙄🙄🙄
  6. Well we all know myforecast is wonky.... but what in the blue hell is myforecast smoking!?!?🤔🙈
  7. Adam styles on city tv just said 11cm already down at Pearson
  8. Mother Nature giveth and Mother Nature taketh🙈
  9. So in total we got no more than 4cm here... definite bust for here but at least south got winter!
  10. Salt doesn’t work past about -12...
  11. Well I’d say At most 4cm in Guelph likely closer to 3cm....it’s been all small small flakes the entire time...looks like 401 Was the kill line for a good chunk of it here...
  12. Well according to TWN I’m to get 60% chance on less than 1cm tonight and nothing after that in Guelph...see what happens I guess...
  13. Ok thanks for your reply! is Guelph still sitting at 5-7cm or has that been bumped up now?
  14. With the system moving norther..... is it the entire system has shifted north or track of the system has stayed the same but the higher intense more amped part of the storm has shifted north inside the current parameters ?
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