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  1. PA friends...google maps is showing major sections of I-80 and the turnpike shutdown. Is this weather related?
  2. Can’t wait for the rain here in northern Virginia to clean the salt accumulation on everything from last weekends storm!
  3. After a short morning lull, heavy snow has redeveloped across the DC metro.
  4. Silly to be talking (or arguing) about who is going to get snow vs ice vs rain 192 hours out. Just be patient and give the models a few days to pinpoint.
  5. 7 inches in Reston so far. Waiting to see what the band today has in store.
  6. Hey neighbor! Just went out and can confirm just over an inch in Reston. Coming down nicely.
  7. The NAM just made this a major snowstorm for the DC metro
  8. NAM was a beautiful run for NOVA! Trends today seemed to take the heavy snow from the Richmond area and shift north towards DC. Only time will tell
  9. Can someone post the 12z NAM and RGEM when available?
  10. What causes the storm to weaken as it comes east then begin to redevelop? PEr the latest NAM, some areas of Missouri may see upwards of a foot of snow!
  11. GFS a big hit for the DC-PHL corridor!
  12. If I put my humidifier outside will it help saturate the atmosphere and help the snow progress northward? 😂
  13. Can someone post the 12z NAM and RGEM. Hoping for some last minute trends!
  14. The new 0z RGEM shows a good amount of snow in Virginia too.
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