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  1. OVER 7 inches now still HEAVY snow now about 20 miles south of Richmond.
  2. 4 inches here so far...coming down steady since 8am.
  3. Snowing heavily, roads are completely covered and VERY slick.
  4. Coming down nicely here beginning to stick to roads a tiny bit on the edges.
  5. I'm sorry guys, how do I upload a video or pictures in spoiler mode? All the buttons are blank and I can't read where the spoiler tag is? Is there anything I can type around the image?
  6. Very nice snow beginning to stick on everything.
  7. This image is from WXRisk (DT) FB page from about midnight. Something to look forward to (for me) and hope this verifies!!!
  8. Snow is picking up here, definitely has some sleet mixed in but is sticking already.
  9. We shall see. WX (DT) who is very popular around here is convinced there will be little to no mix for Richmond area. I will say, he has been calling this storm correctly for a week+ now with very minor changes to his forecast while the big stations went from 1"-12" and flip flopped daily.
  10. Just started snowing here in Petersburg, VA...about 20 miles south of Richmond.
  11. 20 miles south of Richmond, VA here....some places are saying mix with rain this evening. I really hope that isn't that case!! 5-10 inches is the average most agree on around here. Some 8-12..one outlier saying 3-6.
  12. I’m in Petersburg... most places have us (and you) at 2 inches minimum for the most part with several places with us in a 4-6 range. My guess is we may have easily half a foot by tomorrow evening then some sleet (not rain) will knock it down a bit to around 3 inches by Monday morning.
  13. Hi guys! So I’m in Richmond...well a bit south of it. We are right on that line. Not looking good. :(
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