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  1. I can confirm that it is snowing in NYC. Light but falling. Nice to see some late March flakes.
  2. The chance of seeing snow in or around the city is surprising. Some might be caught off guard. Luckily for us this is coming overnight/early morning and on a sunday. Up north and east is a different story.
  3. NWS New York/Boston Snow Totals (Stitch them together. Some names might be cut off.) Nws NY Nws Boston
  4. No matter what anyone got it will all be solid ice tonight. Make sure to clear it out.
  5. WeatherDudeNYC


    About 4 inches overnight
  6. Heavy snow over night allowed snow to stick to everything but after the rates dropped the salted sidewalks and roads cleared up quickly. Those not salted are still covered in slush (about 2 inches of it). Cars have about 4 inches on them but to be honest the 1st storm from 2 days ago looked more impressive even if we got less snow. Those marginal temps really hurt.
  7. Good thing the worst is arriving past midnight. Large area of sub 1/2 mile visibility. Going to be coming down hard.
  8. HRRR showing the nw trend. Heaviest rates NW of NYC.
  9. If I read this right it shows the GFS has been trending stronger for the LP as well.
  10. The Bronx as of 20 min ago. Got a nice blanket on everything.
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