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  1. No. Plz don't take this from us down here. We've had nothing all year except that one storm in December. I say that but let see how it changes over the next week. :(
  2. Sorry. I'm fairly depressed about this winter. It's why I stopped posting. I'll look to see what the models have after the Euro's done.
  3. Looks like they're trying to show something. Euro looks the most promising I guess.
  4. This thing is still way south. Although I've heard the models are having a real hard time right now? Not sure if true or why. As you can see it's all out to sea right now.
  5. Not even posting tonight. Storm is gone or off the coast for now. It'll probably come back though.
  6. I think the Southern people really need to pay attention to this one!
  7. Something to keep an eye on if there's actually going to be that much cold around.
  8. I would think your best bet would come from an amped up clipper or something like that. Since you're on the wrong side of the mountains, you've got nothing to stop the warm air from overwhelming the cold in a south storm.
  9. The support group? lol No forecast holds out for 2 weeks. Sorry dude. WAAAAYY to many variables. Are you asking because your friend is looking to join?
  10. OH NO! I jinxed it!! :D JK Cause my saying something is really going to affect anything.
  11. So someone pointed out that the dew points are pretty cold for my area (NC triad). Would someone explain the significance to me? Sorry if it's an obvious answer.
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