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  1. it's been snowing to beat the band in Richmond since 930 this morning
  2. lol! I figured..I'm sitting here trying to hold onto any hope we still have.
  3. Not sure how credible the ICON is as a model, but it did shift the snow zone north a bit from its previous runs. 06z: 12z:
  4. Total snowfall on 12z NAM-12km. Quite a shift south for the NAM on this one..
  5. Yep. Remember during Jonas when the sleet line went wayy futher west than expected, like all the way into farmville nearly? thankfully we got hit hard from the back end snows that weekend.
  6. Haha I promise I meant no aggression in the least
  7. Haha. I do work in the same city DT lives in...Chester, VA. He's pretty popular around here.
  8. I'm here in Richmond, VA. Just lurking though. Seems like that rain/snow line will be a big factor for us this time around, as usual.
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