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  1. Snowing IMBY the last two hours is so. Looked out about 1130 or so and nothing was sticking but the last about 10 minutes it’s started to coat the ground a lovely white. Keep it coming!
  2. Ended up with about a half inch of snow last night from this IMBY.
  3. Local Mets first stab at a total snow fall amount for this storm Sunday. More details here: https://www.nbc4i.com/weather/cbus-weather-nerd/march-brings-in-a-possible-record-snowfall-in-1st-weekend/1818760364
  4. I peaked out the window early this morning before the change over to rain/ice and we had about a half inch of white stuffs IMBY. Road reports this morning were a bit rough north of here, but the rain has erased all traces of any snow even happening last night.
  5. GL to everyone tonight. 545 am wake up coming up pretty quick. Hopefully we see some of the white stuff before it all disappears from the inch+ of rain forecast IMBY!
  6. Thanks for the heads up! Appreciate it!
  7. Anyone know the timing on this? Curious as I’ve got to travel Wednesday for some tests at the hospital. Wanted to know the timing as I keep missing the local Mets forecasts.
  8. Sleet and a freezing rain earlier today when the event started IMBY caused a slew of traffic accidents but now it’s mostly light snow mixed with some sleet. Roads are wet but earlier today were pretty bad. Light snow falling right now.
  9. Rain rain go away.... I dislike the fact that we’re gonna end up with some fairly significant rain the next few days. Plus the flooding that’s gonna follow with it....
  10. LOL! I'll keep that in mind. Snizzle still falling currently.
  11. Nothing on radar currently, but still getting some super fine snow falling here. Might just be from some blowing from the snow on the ground but man its pretty. Impossible to get on camera/video however.
  12. Measured about 2 Inches over in Chillicothe, OH in a few places on my car and on the side walk IMBY
  13. Get to make a 40 minute drive from Chillicothe, OH to Washington CH, OH tomorrow around 10 am. Looks like the bulk of the snow will hit well before then and could even be potentially over. Any indication on wind on the back side of this?
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