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  1. First of all, you can't expect a guy from Detroit who hates cold weather to be very positive at the moment. Secondly, if you can't see the comic relief in his negativity, I dunno what to tell you. I guess it kinda goes hand-in-hand with how you'll probably never see any popular stand up comics performing at your college campus, I suppose. As for the current weather pattern, I really wish AccuWx's forums were archived so that I could go back and read all the posts about how the warmth was "right around the corner" for the eastern US 365 days ago. Of course you and I both know how that turned out: Literal winter until May. What's the difference this year? We're stuck in another -EPO pattern, AK is frying, and we're once again poised for not only anomalously cold air, but another spring deluge of precipitation. Maybe one day when you own your own home, you'll understand the frustrations of those of us who've gotta worry about water damage, landslides, etc. When things like that become a recurring theme year after year, I'm sorry but it takes it's toll.
  2. I knew it. Now I'm gonna head over to WB to see JB's take on the extended pattern. First I've gotta pop a mood stabilizer though. Maybe snort a Zoloft or two, lol.
  3. Al and I just like to be disgusted, Cliche. Sometimes it's fun to be negative. My grandfather lived with one lung for a quarter of a century, and he was the biggest contrarian I've ever known, so there's some science behind it too. Al's probably just trying to prolong his life, as am I with my negativity.
  4. It'ull be clahdy and dahn na 40's innat in a week, bud.
  5. Yinzers (stereotypical people from Pittsburgh who have funny accents that sound like their tongues are partially paralyzed) now seem to like to refer to Easter as "the howwidays". Before I thought that was a little idiotic, but given how cold our Aprils are becoming, maybe they're onto something, lol.
  6. I highly doubt that. Even if it's true, we're right back into the crapper next week with more gloom and highs struggling to hit 50.
  7. I don't buy any notion of a warm April. Models have sucked for month, and there's no reason to think they've magically changed. In fact, I'd put money on April winding up below normal IMBY, just like March was.
  8. We had some amazing thunderstorms that summer. That was a pretty decent summer actually.
  9. HA! When was the last time we went 5 days without precip, let alone an entire week? This place is drab and soggy year round.
  10. Mid-late May is pretty much the time of year anymore that I expect to see a "summer preview" of shorts and short sleeve weather. Used to be a routine April thing around here, but not anymore. Our consistently warm season has been shaved down to about 4 months.
  11. I had an appointment this morning with a dermatologist. I developed Alopecia Areata last fall, which is a condition where your hair falls out in round patches. After I started taking vitamin D supplements, the hair loss stopped....but the patches haven't grown back in, and I've gotta shave my head with a straight razor in order to look even semi-normal. Did some blood work, and my D levels are still ridiculously low....So I was advised to "double up" on the supplements. The doctor told me that over the past couple of years he's seen a massive uptick in Alopecia cases in this area, and he personally blames it on the lack of UV rays. Makes sense. Even last summer, sunshine was hard to come by. Usually it was just endless rain and clouds.
  12. Jesus. I thought I was just basking in my own negativity when I mentioned the "flip" in the LR. Apparently not. Sigh. Oh well. I've become accustom to the whole "April is the new March" here in SWPA. I really need to find an outlet where I can bet against "normal" temperatures during the now nonexistent "spring". I'd clean up. March through mid / late April needs to be considered a fifth season too. "Spinter" seems like a fitting name for it. It's not really winter.....but it sure as hell isn't the classical definition of spring anymore either.
  13. Gee willikars, I wonder what can be causing that year after year in the same place. I'm sure it's just "chance", lol.
  14. And just like that, the advertised warmup went "poof" on the GFS. Christ, it's gonna be another delayed spring after all....
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