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East Coast Rain Blues

Why cold and snow is out and wet a warm remains the theme in the East, join in the conversation.


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  1. RTC2

    January 23-25, 2019 | Winter Storm

    Yea, the elusive blocking seems to be a major problem for the east coast the last several winters or more. Seems like it keeps getting pushed back from forecasted every winter, and last year it showed up when I totally didn't want it - the end of winter and much of spring. This one seems to suffer the same fate - lack of "clogginess" - there's a real weather term . Could have made this one a cool setup. Let's see with the next several ones stepping up to the tee box. February is my favorite winter month and it is usually a rocking month for winter storms and our month with the most average snowfalls.
  2. RTC2

    Notice to the Community

    Ata boy, that's more like it, was getting sick of all your sucking up
  3. RTC2

    Notice to the Community

    I fully endorse your message, PM. It is only weather, and everyone should remember that. The staff has done a great job in here, and don' t think you should be too hard on yourselves, as the members are at fault. I sometimes try to add humor just to lighten the mood, especially when I see the thread going in a whining, negative direction - don' t think anyone minds this and don't think that was at all the point of your message. I didn't join here originally because I had gotten stressed out at the former site, and felt it had gotten too egotistical and personal at times. This site is much, much better, but I too was a little surprised at some of the comments and bullying, and completely stayed away from - purpose of these sites are to relieve stress, not ADD to it. Hopefully, everyone remembers that. C'mon members, it is only weather. Be nice !!
  4. So, that would be a moon walk yes? sorry I just can t help it
  5. Thanks to this great forum for the heads up on the cold crashing in. Got in cleaned up before, 26 here. Hope the mods don't mind this one off topic post, as it is quite slow in here: Was at my hand doc for post op, and he informed me of a real issue with dehumidifiers catching fire. I know many of you have gone through months and months of super wet, and may have used them or plan to. A surgeon friend of his just had his entire house burn down, plus 3 lost pets. Determined it was the dehumidifier. If you Google dehumidifiers catching fire, you will see 2 major brands with this problem, made between 2007-2014. Apparently, it is a major issue. My surgeon checked his, and the serial number matched, and they replaced. We have 3 in our basement, so will be checking them before using , and would advise everyone to do the same.
  6. Posting this and leaving (ducking), but remember all the dire forecasts of a ton of ice? Some had .5 to even .8 inches, and some model runs did this pretty late in game. I missed the snow track and went down with the ship, but this was never ever the setup for bad, widespread ice storm. Not the storm track for that, not the proper positioned high for that. Some in the high elevations have some ice but the forecasts were for much higher and not just for elevations. Lets all be thankful for that, and yes I am beating a dead horse.
  7. Very sharp this morning. Much less of a mess to clean up here. Temps going above freezing for hours will it rained really helped.
  8. Nice pics, your elevation must have caused it. Not many issues with icing at all. No scene like that here. Nice melting also at 35. Think top ice accretion I saw was around 2/10's ?? Time to clean up.
  9. It goes back and for for a bit, but not long. Warm air tongue is real, and accurately forecasted.
  10. Yup, would have been one for the record books with all that moisture.
  11. Just another view. Checked it all 3 levels, and the flow sure seems as modeled. No big surprises. Checked upper air also. https://www.star.nesdis.noaa.gov/GOES/CONUS_band.php?sat=G16&band=12&length=24
  12. Cranky had good call with this one also.
  13. Yea, really think the low is south of modeled, but as So What explained in several posts, really doesn' t matter. Here, it really has gone exactly as modeled. began about 4, light for awhile, then heavy and flipped over about 9. Radar echoes are way behind, by the way. They are not matching up to when the changeover occurs. Hope the more south helps you.
  14. man, you are truly riding this one till the end.
  15. temps dropped again wow. Such a unique storm. sleet has "remixed " in. That never happens....