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  1. Someone help me out here cuz I'm lost. where did this come from? Was it the original Friday storm, as there is separate thread for 10-11 storm? Dazed and confused, as is my normal state, but this is now a Saturday clipper before the warm Sunday event ?
  2. Yea and the world is more than just Anthony's area. Remember the strung out , weak look GFS had until real late? Does that all the time, so which GFS run got it? Real late ones that finally caught on ? I think the NAM overall did well for much of PA and NJ for example, but not sure on the fringe areas to the south.
  3. MJ, you are the smartest weather person I know. WW, if I may. Weather Wikipedia.
  4. Uh no thankfully, he would either get modded out of here or destroyed by the members. Lots of knowledge but comes off as total jerk, and when he is wrong -which happened quite a bit at least last winte,r he refuses to admit he is wrong and then berates his followers. One thing to stick to your guns, but there is also a time to admit when you are wrong and correct your forecast. As I said the other day, he is sandpaper on a sunburn.
  5. Just a couple of wrap up thoughts. 1- Yes PM, you area does need that big old pressing high to lock in the cold air. Usually that suppresses the storms more to the south and east. So when we get the goods, usually your area won't. vVce - versa also. When that high is in control and locked in , usually the storm track is too far south and east for here, while your location sticking out far to the east gets hit. 2- Don't think much crow should be eaten at all by Shaulov or USCG. The comments that well it is the pattern, shouldn't have gone against it really doesn't hold. This storm, as you guys called it was totally different from the severe cutters, late transfers, etc that we have been experiencing. Only thing you guys were wrong about was (1) the track ended up being about 50 or so miles too far north , and (2) that late player that came into the game that shifted further west (Canadian low) - that no one saw a few days out when you guys made the call. That caused a pretty flat trough to buckle some, enough to cause the track difference, and IMHO the main reason PM's region mixed. Had that track been more zonal (as it appeared for many days), and in fact it was forecast to actually go south at the end, and I think your forecasts would have been really spot on - with the only caveat that 6-12 might have been a few inches high on the upper end (IMHO).
  6. Getting worried. Going to crash, and no reports from PM. Hope its cuz he is out playing in the snows.
  7. Yep, think we have about I/2 hour here yet. Nowhere near pivoting enough to stop it. It was never a great trough for that here anyway. So that being said, we may end 3-4 hours ahead of schedule here, and top end the amounts. Here, it was the ratios, not the total precip amounts. THAT, was not forecast. Luv weather.
  8. Because I was too lazy to do the snow measure properly, I just did ruler in the ground thing. 3 measures of 6.6,7, and 7.3. That does not include shrinkage. Oops, I mean compaction. Dumping snow at the moment. Best rates of storm.
  9. Thinking the flow will save you. It is much more sw to ne than due north. Due north would flood you with warmth.
  10. Yea don't think in time, but we will top end here in Tripoli. Just dumping and stacking.
  11. Just dumping here PP, and we began around 2 pm here.
  12. Storm has been a weird one, but not often a storm that is not too big such as this one, will my area be in or near the sweet spot, and they aren't on the DMZ line. Really makes sense. Need total bomb just off coast for us both to share in the wealth. Especially, especially without a helping high.
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