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  1. SPC Highlights areas for Thursday threat.
  2. We've already had some damage reports this morning in Indy. An awning ripped off a gas station, and some trees down in the road.
  3. Everything is a solid sheet of ice in Central and Western Indiana.
  4. It’s snowing hard here on the west side.
  5. We have hardcore sleet here in Avon, on the west side of Indy.
  6. NWS Indy says they are going with 4-6 for now. In a Facebook briefing happening now they say they’re holding of on a Warning until at least the next model runs.
  7. The station I work for is not.
  8. Forecasters here in Indy are showing the latest GFS run, but using much lower numbers.
  9. SERF plumes for KIND have jumped from 5” Thursday afternoon to 7” just now. I don’t know how often they update but I checked about 1 or 2 p.m.
  10. The Euro has been holding its ground. Definitely can’t wait to see what it does once sampling takes place.
  11. IND updating as well. In the AFD (which I’m not sure has been posted, tbh I’m too lazy atm to look), they mention the mixing threat for areas in central and southern portions of the area.
  12. We called for around 34. We’re sitting at 29.
  13. Here's the GFS's 6z Positive Snowfall change out to Hour 126.
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