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  1. This is the way it goes. We are in a situation where it's a borderline criteria event for Cincinnati, with advisory level being 2 inches of snow. I don't equate all this to a populace problem, but instead a generational one. Under the age of 40 and you have a difficult time with remembering when things didn't happen in an instant and want everything right now. That's different for those of us who had childhoods devoid of technology, when modern computers didn't come along until we were ready to graduate high school.
  2. We are in the High Risk vs High Reward time period. Still looks cold for the start of March. First week with highs into the 20s and lows in the single digits... this will stick around a bit longer than most of our snow does.
  3. Agree. Those thicknesses hovering right around 540 will make it a nice wet snow. It isn't until it starts pulling out that temps fall and would provide better ratios.
  4. Want to know what is crazier than that? It did 2 weeks ago. We saw it then and started wondering if it was correct. Models have that happen all the time. Show something in the long range, only for it to go away in the short range and then come back within a few days of the event.
  5. I doubt we see double digits down here, but we are overdue for a good thumping. We usually have to ride the cold rain/heavy snow line with every storm right along the Ohio River.
  6. We just refer to this as the Clipper Train for Cincinnati. We do so much better on these, when the cold air is already in place. Any time we get the low from the South to phase with incoming cold air, we always end up with rain/ice that kills the snow totals. I'm surprised the last 2 events have worked out in our favor.
  7. Dog just woke me up to go outside. Looks like it has been coming down heavily. I’m guessing most forecasts should easily verify. Got this screenshot showing 50 dbz returns - all snow!
  8. I think it bodes well for all of us - overperformer -
  9. Switch to Precip depiction and the heavier snow returns will stand out.
  10. Look at the Louisville Radar, and you can see what still has to move up the river valley.
  11. It looks like it will outperform. NKY friends say each one of those heavier bands are intense.
  12. When I was a kid, that water tower said Florence Mall on it. Then they decided you couldn't have a public structure with an advertisement on it, and they changed it to say Y'ALL!
  13. Agree very much. The returns to our SW and into Central KY look awesome. If this keeps up, another couple of inches overnight should be easy.
  14. It is. When I went outside, it was all snow. I have a temp of 32.9.
  15. That's not a guarantee. I am barely above 32 and most of the falling precip is still snow.
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