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  1. The first flurry is seen here in Franklin Township, Warren County, Ohio. We got a thin, but enough to make it very slick, coating of ice, then a dry spot. Now the snow begins!
  2. This would be magical. However, I'm not letting myself get excited at this point thanks to what I've learned from you all. It's going to be fun to watch and learn from this point though.
  3. I'm literally on the line between Montgomery county (southern line) at Franklin township in Ohio. We got another good four inches of fluffy Snow overnight and this morning. Best measurements (due to drifting and other wind factors) are about 8 1/2 - 9. Winter wonderland! Loving it! Thanks to all here. I've watched many of you for years now.
  4. Snow has now arrived here just south of Dayton (on the line between Warren and Montgomery counties). Starting out with fine, small flakes but plenty of them.
  5. Nothing here yet. It's close though. I'll post when it arrives. They consistly had totals for tonight to be "about an inch". They've recently upped it to 1-3.
  6. This is my first post. I've followed many of these posters for a few years now. Most of you are so incredibly knowledgeable, and as a weather lover (with little to no knowledge) I so appreciate your sharing! I'm from a township about 20 miles south of Dayton, Ohio. All that said, this is the most snow my area has received in four years (next month)! I'm anxiety awaiting. Hello to all and thank you for sharing.
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