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  1. I have only been here a short time. But I must say im totally oblivious to the trouble that brought this on. Everyone, especially the staff, has been great from what I've seen. But I'm not on here 24/7. Just want to encourage you. You have created a great place. Thanks!
  2. My experience exactly! Found this new forum just before this last storm - 15" in Jefferson City, MO!
  3. Morning all! To my surprise, it snowed enough during the night to cover the road again here in Jefferson City, MO. We got 14" here on Friday-Saturday. Have a great day everyone! [2019-01-13T074151]-Driveway-LiveView.mp4
  4. Just had another hour of heavy snow in Jefferson City, MO. Measured in front yard:
  5. It's such a wet, heavy snow. Really beautiful - unless it is destroying your trees.
  6. Good Morning! I measured 11.5" in the yard just before 6 am here in Jefferson City, MO. Still snowing........ [2019-01-12T054723]-Front Door-LiveView.mp4 [2019-01-12T054648]-Driveway-LiveView.mp4
  7. Coming down in buckets right now in Jefferson City, MO. Already had 5" in the yard about two hours ago. [2019-01-11T213518]-Front Door-LiveView.mp4
  8. I just measured 5" in my yard so far in Jefferson City, MO. Snow has paused. Still in the dry slot.
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