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  1. Maybe looking at it wrong but it looks like there is some rotation near rising sun?
  2. That supercell west of Cincinnati is really getting that hook look.
  3. Look at the supercell behind this monster, its looking good.
  4. Wow.... yeah, and it seems to finding itself a distinct place within those row of cells instead of forming a line.
  5. Keep a close eye on that storm N of Louisville, has that look.
  6. Look at the supercells just west and N of Louisviile, they seem to be strengthening in the past 20-30 minutes. Those are the supercells Cincinnati will be dealing with in a couple of hours. https://www.wunderground.com/radar/us/ky/louisville/lvx
  7. That night was incredible and that morning here in Cincinnati, wave after wave of thunderstorms, tremendous lightning and thunder, and then an incredibly strong supercell that morning. Green clouds and fast rotating clouds, and we ended up getting golf ball size hail, it was amazing and the worst thunderstorm I have seen other than the 2012 Derecho.
  8. That would be a gigantic mess for BG and Toledo if that transpired....
  9. High today was -5 up here in bowling green. Wind chill was hovering between 30 and 40 below the entire day. The high was reached before 5 PM. As of right now the temps crashed down to -8. I think with clear skies and a slight snowpack with a few point near 20 below its possible we could overachieve in the low temperature.
  10. When I go back up to BGSU on Monday there is a distinct possibility of being below zero for 60 hours from tuesday night to friday afternoon.....
  12. Vanquish thy foe RobB the DryAirDestroyer!
  13. Seems to be 95% snow now here in West Cincy!
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