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  1. Reading about this same timeframe on the NE forum, there was a comment about 1 run of 1 model showing a triple phase, so s omeone posted that snow map-the bullseye was the OHV and this is what it showed....Not sure I'd really want that much snow.
  2. +1 I'm not a regular model watcher, I come here to get my info and every day I don't see any new threads is a disappointing one. A new thread gives us lurkers something to watch and get excited about!
  3. My wife is a teacher and I've been telling her since this past weekend should would have wed-fri off. She still doesn't believe me about tomorrow yet...Hope I'm right!
  4. Just a meeting outside to look at some pavement maintenance issues. Not sure how cold it actually is, but it's cold enough that would have usually taken 30-45 minutes took 10. Everyone was too cold to take any longer. Good thing we did it today and not next week.
  5. Exit 21 on 70. I stop there for food when traveling that way.
  6. Good maybe I'll get in a truck after all...
  7. Just changing over here in far southern Delaware county. Road covered in under 10 mins.
  8. Note to self...wait until you actually see snow to get excited.
  9. WOW. Impressive. Honestly looking forward to plowing in this-going to be fun!
  10. All rain by the library/uptown right now too
  11. Good to hear! Should make its way to me within the next hour or so then...
  12. Hurry it up and change to snow! Radar appears to show snow into NW franklin county...so hopefully not long before changeover
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