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  1. Sun is shining in Fairfield Ohio... let's see how much instability we get??
  2. Cloudy and light rain in Fairfield ohio clouds are racing across the sky looking forward for some storms later..
  3. When is this potentially going to happen? My wife has gamma knife treatment in Cincinnati on Monday. Any other day I would be totally excited about it but not this one...
  4. Nice little surprise in Hamilton Ohio. Still coming down quite nicely.
  5. Won't be able to to measure this! wind is ripping! VID_20190119_205945.mp4
  6. Heavy sleet snow mix in Hamilton Ohio. I've been waiting for this all day!
  7. Wow must of been ripping last night in Hamilton Ohio we had 5 inches last night before bed... Now I'm at a gnats turd short of 9 inches still snowing!! It's beautiful outside!
  8. Moderate snow for the past hr after a bit of mixing issues in Hamilton Ohio up to about 4 inches.
  9. 3 Inches of snow in Hamilton but I've heard some ice pellets falling with the snow so we're mixing a bit hopefully we end up with 4 but I'm happy either way.
  10. 2 inches in Hamilton Ohio so far moderate to steady snow.
  11. Hello y'all I've been a long time lurker like 8+ years I can say it's beginning to snow in Hamilton Ohio for those familiar with SW Ohio
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