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  1. Getting blasted with heavy winds and downpours for the last 15 minutes on Onondaga Hill. Quite the front coming through!
  2. I've trick or treated in a driving snow storm before! It's been a while, but at least once in the 90s, and once in the early 80s I definitely remember a few inches of snow on Halloween! *Crosses fingers* ;)
  3. Thanks everyone! I may be mainly a lurker, but I consider you all to be valuable resources and friends here on wxdisco. Reading your reports and your prognostications on the whys and the wheres of our weather are a daily routine for me. @PlanetMaster deserves every bit of praise for springing to action when the notification went out that Accuweather was shuttlecocking their forums. We have a new home now. Thanks everyone!!
  4. Thank you for doing the honors sir! I'm starting to feel the itch for news about what the upcoming fall and winter will be like as well. It seems that when the heat of summer comes on, it triggers the need to look forward to the cooler weather. It's nice to see this sign of things to come pop up!
  5. I read on one of the threads here that there was supposed to be a cooldown in the second half of the month. Has that idea been discarded given current information and Barry's influence in the coming days?
  6. I hear ya! It’s been a long slog through the rainy and cruddy stuff. Everyone is happy it’s warmer now and doesn’t want it to end so soon. :)
  7. Well, when they say cool, does it mean significantly cooler or just slightly cooler than average?
  8. Non scientist, so don't kill me if I am not 100% correct here. Doesn't the atmosphere generally heat up for another month or so after the Solstice? I seem to remember that it generally continues to warm up until mid to late July where the temps start moderating down.
  9. Got some awesome downpours near Lakeland NY, by the state fairgrounds in the solvay/liverpool/baldwinsville area. Got another batch heading towards Onondaga Hill as well. Wind is picking up atm.
  10. @Mike W IN ALTMAR It's been drizzling, switching to pouring, back to drizzling all day. I live near Onondaga Hill, and work up near Baldwinsville. It's just a mess of rain and cold temps. (I don't mind the cold, the rain is kinda wearing me out though.)
  11. If this cooler weather hangs on, I'll be the happiest camper on the boards. ;) I keep hearing about the year without a summer, and I've yet (in my adult life) to see it. We always get a few 90s tossed at us and we always get hazy hot and humid weeks in July, August and September here. This, is like Christmas for me. :)
  12. Hey @Ingyball, you're coming up here eh'? What part of upstate are you heading towards?
  13. KSYR would be for my town of Syracuse. Looking forward to the cooldown!!
  14. AHA! Thanks @1816 & @Solstice Much appreciated! Is it a delination of pressure or temperature (or both?)
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