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  1. Got some awesome downpours near Lakeland NY, by the state fairgrounds in the solvay/liverpool/baldwinsville area. Got another batch heading towards Onondaga Hill as well. Wind is picking up atm.
  2. @Mike W IN ALTMAR It's been drizzling, switching to pouring, back to drizzling all day. I live near Onondaga Hill, and work up near Baldwinsville. It's just a mess of rain and cold temps. (I don't mind the cold, the rain is kinda wearing me out though.)
  3. If this cooler weather hangs on, I'll be the happiest camper on the boards. ;) I keep hearing about the year without a summer, and I've yet (in my adult life) to see it. We always get a few 90s tossed at us and we always get hazy hot and humid weeks in July, August and September here. This, is like Christmas for me. :)
  4. Hey @Ingyball, you're coming up here eh'? What part of upstate are you heading towards?
  5. AHA! Thanks @1816 & @Solstice Much appreciated! Is it a delination of pressure or temperature (or both?)
  6. So, as an uneducated weather dork, what is the significance of this?
  7. That nice cel that cruises over Syracuse DRENCHED me running to my car with groceries... We need it, and we'll take it! 🙂
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