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    Weather of course, Dabble in Photography (visible and infrared) short wave radio listenng
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  1. It went from clear skies to that stuff in about a minute here in North Central Ct. Kind of storm that makes you wonder a bit if its going to be a bad one.
  2. While storms that passed by were not severe (until they passed us). Lightning did strike a barn about a mile away. Barn Fire
  3. Severe T-storm warning just East of me with this line and flash flood warning (more headed this way still) 1 inch of rain and temp dropped to 74
  4. First line of rain (for here in Northern CT) is going through now, second line headed this way in a bit. Brief bit of wind prior to storm and some lightning.
  5. Radar showing fairly wide line of rain in far NW NY and perhaps line trying to form from Albany Area to Binghamton. Still only partly cloudy here in Northern Ct without much wind where I am. Things could start cooking soon.
  6. https://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/md/mcd0945.gif Possible watch
  7. Weather station rain gauge indicates .40 inchs for the last 24 Hours, temp at 56 and precip has ended here for now.
  8. Just what we need ,,,, another soaker :)
  9. Tornado warning just went up for parts of Windham and Tolland counties here in Ct https://forecast.weather.gov/wwamap/wwatxtget.php?cwa=aly&wwa=tornado warning
  10. Pretty impressive darkening of skies to the west as the rain approaches but don't hear any thunder and lightning tracker isn't showing any activity ATM.
  11. I see they have put up a winter storm warning for a good chunk of Maine and winter weather advisory for even more (except southwestern Maine coastal area). Sometime glad to live in the south (Of New England :) )
  12. Skies have brightened (for now) and temps zipped up to 43
  13. 38 here with rain (although there may be a flake or two mixed in) radar shows snow to the east and west, but not here in the valley
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