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  1. Seems like all season long tornadoes have been targeting towns and cities. I hope everyone in the path has made it to their basements already.
  2. Wow yall, I'm down in Lousiana so I didn't know what was happening until my friends at OSU started going crazy, I hope everyone is safe.
  3. Got sick on my vacation and was in bed most of today. I only did casual tracking, but manI haven't seen a night event this strong in a long time.
  4. Welp I got my nap in and I’m ready to go for the rest of the day.
  5. I want to take a nap, but I know something big is going to blow up in the next 30 minutes are so.
  6. DFW is going to be dependent on if enough lift to initiate storms, however all other parameters are there for severe weather and supercells. If any of the storms in Oklahoma send an outflow boundary southward it could act as a lifting mechanism and initiate storms. It will definitely be something to watch.
  7. It’s not very often SPC mentions violent tornadoes in their write ups. Very serious messaging right there.
  8. I had a feeling that mod risk would get shifted eastward.
  9. My parents have already conceded I’ll probably be spending most of the day in the hotel room tomorrow.
  10. Both the Pampa 1995 tornado(I was just talking about Pampa with my parents today) and the 1979 Wichita Falls tornado show up on the CIPS analogs for tomorrow, although they’re further down the list. Hopefully we don’t see anything close to being as destructive as those tornadoes.
  11. Man, if the HRRR is correct I really hope the chasers are careful, I’m worried there are going to be a lot of them and I hope the roads aren’t too crowded. The expansiveness of the supercells on the 0z run is not common for Oklahoma and is more akin to the southeast.
  12. Woo wee it’s going to be hard for me to not want to pull out my iPad on vacation and watch the Chasers on Monday during my vacation.
  13. Unfortunately I won't get to track a lot of this severe weather as I will be out of the country for Vacation starting Saturday and going into next Saturday. I do hope all the plain states are on guard for the next 5 days or so though.
  14. Haven't been able to keep up with this event yet. I had graduation yesterday and I've been getting ready to move out today since Thursday. I'll be heading down to New Orleans for the time being until I find a job. Looks like Dallas is right smack in the middle of this on Wednesday so I have a lot of family and friends there I'll be tracking for. Looks like I will be getting my fair share of rain down in La too.
  15. There are some insane rain rates in that storm that has a Flash Flood warning on it.
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