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  1. Being a novice and someone who would like to help steer this conversation in the right direction, I have a question. Is there anything in the setup here that is more promising in the previous slop storms that we have gotten? Could this turn out to be a little easier to track?
  2. Almost the same story here in Oakland except the flakes are still small. Very little grass showing.
  3. Light snow in Oakland, NJ at work. Looking at my front door cam in Maywood about 12 miles SE and the radar, it looks like a lot of virga down there.
  4. The Passaic River usually takes about 3 days to crest past a significant rain event. My guess is since we had a lot of rain last week and freezing temperatures, yesterdays warm up released a bunch of the water that was frozen in the soil.
  5. I'm down from you in Maywood. The battle zone is real down here.
  6. Lol. You and everybody reading these forums.
  7. As you can tell from my name, I am from Bergen County NJ which is right in the middle of the Euro's ZR nightmare. Can I wishcast just this once? No one wants this. The extreme cold blast to follow it really has me concerned. I hope that when the NAM comes into range, it doesn't have this for anyone. Very dangerous.
  8. Any thoughts on the old "snow breeds snow" saying? With the system coming in on Thursday night/Friday is it possible that we could wind up with a colder solution that the models are not picking up?
  9. Oh man... looks like a last minute, long weekend trip to Sugarbush is in order...
  10. Long time lurker here. Just my 2c but with the energy that looks to be coming through on Thursday night, aren't some of us freaking out a little early as to ptype? We have a long way to go and with a small storm coming in ahead of the big one I think uncertainty is pretty high right now where the rain/snow/sleet line will be.
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